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What Is The Impact of Newsletters on Website Traffic?

Email newsletters have become a prominent part of email marketing strategy. As a website owner, learn why this email marketing strategy works wonder. Learn the impact of newsletters on website traffic in detail.

impact of newsletter on website traffic

Last updated on January 16, 2024

Let’s understand the impact of newsletters on website traffic in this feature.

Drawing new visitors at regular intervals can be a tough nut to crack. In a competitive world, meeting market demands keeps marketers on their toes. In addition, a plethora of marketing techniques only add fuel to the fire.

So, what would one do?

The versatility of email marketing can brighten your day. Some techniques have garnered immense interest from subscribers. Newsletter is one of them. As email marketing evolved, newsletters have emerged as the most effective tactic.

Every business strives to use the full potential of the newsletters and boost website traffic. From building customer relationships to fulfilling their desires, newsletters help keep subscribers engaged.

The impact of newsletters on website traffic brings one of the two results. Either subscriber would find it helpful or unsubscribe. Each click leading to your website could earn you a new subscriber.

However, sending email newsletters cannot be done with the sole purpose of drawing a large number of visitors. You want your target audience to keep coming back to you.

Let’s look at how newsletters influence your website traffic.

Diverse impact of newsletters on website traffic

Amplified organic reach amounts to increase website traffic

Do customers sign up for the newsletter of every website they come across?


If customers don’t find website content meaningful and relevant, chances are they’ll just skip it. In other words, quality content may become one of the reasons behind increased organic traffic. The impact of newsletters on website traffic is usually positive. Because more people find the content relevant and engaging.

Besides content, other factors also play a decisive role in getting quality traffic, such as:

  • A good subject line
  • Email delivery time
  • Newsletter format
  • Dynamic content, such as GIFs and images

Thus, the success of your newsletter relies on your style of addressing the right audience. Over time, your website may achieve the desired results.

More customer interaction

Subscribers visiting your website once in a blue moon doesn’t sound exciting, does it?

So, what ensures their frequent visit and take desired actions?

Keeping the engagement ball rolling in a hyper-competitive market can be difficult. To an extent, newsletters can help you draw subscribers’ attention even on a tight budget.

Here are some strategies to encourage your subscribers to interact with your brands:

  • Send your newsletter at a specific time to induce excitement. You want them to be eager for your next email.
  • Subscribers are not obligated to open every email you send, so your message needs to offer something worthwhile.
  • Ensure crafting high-performing email newsletter subject lines as it can significantly improve open rates.
  • As open rates also depend on the timelines, ensure sending emails when your subscribers are most active and likely to take action.
  • You wouldn’t want your subscribers to slip after they’ve opened the email, right? Keep them hooked with a giveaway, contest, GIF, internal links, and discount offers on specific products.

Such actions take little to no time, yet ensure consistent engagement, build brand awareness, and eventually boost website traffic.

Holiday Email Buzz

The festive season is usually an excellent period to increase website traffic. The positive impact of newsletters on website traffic follows the great tactic equipped with enticing offers and rewards. Send out newsletters during the peak engagement and sales periods for your subscribers.

Furthermore, be wary of sending the newsletter for the sake of sending it. Setting a schedule that aligns with subscribers’ interests is a must. You can send email newsletters weekly, twice a week, or set a schedule by studying your subscribers’ behavior.

For example, Icegram Express subscribers receive informative email newsletters biweekly.

In addition, you can promote your services/products on occasions, such as:

  • The BFCM (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) season
  • Christmas
  • New Yea
  • International events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Independence Day

Let’s see how companies like Converse strive to capture the market when Cyber Monday sales are just around the corner.

For example,

Check out these newsletters by Converse with attractive offers, sales, and heavy discounts during the festive time.

impact of newsletters on website traffic_increase website traffic example
impact of newsletters on website traffic_increase website traffic example

Here, Converse is promoting its winter shoe collection while the format and design for both newsletters remain the same. Through a website link, the newsletter directs subscribers to the sales page.

With that, the company shoots three arrows in one go:

  • Introduction to winter collection earlier than most of its competitors
  • Cyber Week sale promotion with heavy discounts
  • Ensuring exclusivity with offers and discounts for its members only

It encourages subscribers to buy gifts during the holiday season. Moreover, holiday sales are rarely overlooked.

Diverse audience

Do newsletters help address people from all walks of life? Does the impact of newsletters on website traffic benefit businesses?

Yes. Since newsletters concentrate more on providing value, they can help you outperform competitors.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Offer referral programs
  • Introduce giveaways
  • Collaborate with influencers and tell their story
  • New collection/ premium edition
  • Release online courses
  • Informative content benefiting subscribers in their personal and professional lives
  • Introduce them to the new changes in the specific field

Sharing insights and meeting subscribers’ needs must be the objectives of your newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to build relationships these days. In a way, you can persuade subscribers to revisit your website.

Wider network, more subscribers

Is a value-driven newsletter enough to entice the target audience to subscribe?

A versatile audience can be sought through outreach campaigns. Whereas, value-rich newsletters can help with retention. Valuable subject matter, brand-oriented marketing strategy and strong online presence play a huge role in sustaining subscribers’ attention.

For example, Neil Patel has established his expertise in SEO and drives more traffic via newsletters. Thus, once people recognize your expertise in the field, you can attract a global audience. In addition, you also get to optimize your content based on the location of your incoming traffic.

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How did newsletters become significant for business?

Newsletters are an effective, low-cost, high-converting marketing strategy to reach a versatile audience. In the last few years, the newsletters have become more popular.

Here’s how:

Creative infusion

Newsletters bring the opportunities to represent your brand story in the most creative way possible. You can promote your newly released products and direct your customers to your website. Leverage the power of GIFs, custom newsletter templates, emoticons, etc., to make your newsletters more expressive and understandable.

Creativity and knowledge must be infused to spark readers’ interest. After the reader opens the mail, you have a chance to make an impression and win them over. Thus, your focus must be on every facet of the newsletter, such as the subject line, header, footer, etc.

As per improving open rate, know that within five minutes of sending emails, only a total of 2% of emails get opened. The email open rate gradually rises, almost doubling in twelve hours. Thus, within 24 hours, about 88% of email newsletters get opened.

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Hyper-focused market

Besides niche markets, hyper-focused markets may still be profitable regardless of limited keyword options. The subject line’s relevance to a micro-niche or niche within a niche is a primary element in its success.

For example:

  • A Keto diet plan is a micro-niche in nutritious diet plans. You can share recipes, diet plans, precautions, and more. Statistics show over 25 million people searched for ‘Keto.’
  • In the field of personal finances, ‘budgeting for students’ can be a micro-niche. You can share your knowledge in the newsletter and help students worldwide make better financial choices.

Hence, email newsletters teach result-driven techniques, make better decisions, and upgrade their lives.

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Creative outreach on a shoestring

Global reach and strong connection with readers are two of the most prominent advantages of releasing newsletters for your businesses. While every product requires a robust marketing strategy, newsletters can be an alluring resort.

Word-of-mouth has a substantial impact on making newsletters successful without breaking the bank. It results in increased website traffic by gaining loyal subscribers. Note that keeping up with the market evolutions can also help you improve the number of subscribers.

Thus, introducing newsletters into the mix is wise to enhance engagement and increase website traffic.

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Wrapping up – Increase website traffic like never before

Businesses use newsletter strategies for many reasons other than improving website traffic. When intent meets subscribers’ needs, people pay close attention to brands. It can help build a strong backlink profile once people begin sharing your content. People use social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat to share content. It ultimately helps improve the website’s SEO.

SEO helps increase organic reach and improve Google search ranking. It eventually contributes to more website traffic. Overall, a newsletter is an effective ‘high-impact and low-cost’ strategy in email marketing.

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