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Let your email contacts be where they should be

Stop your list of subscribers from being all over the place.

Worried that data is misplaced during the import/export of a subscriber list? Use Icegram Express to keep your data organized in the right place for seamless email delivery.

Let automation handle accuracy for your email subscriber list

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or a novice, Icegram Express makes the import/export of email addresses easy and seamless for everyone!

Seamless Imports and Exports

Import email contacts from external sources and export subscribers’ lists in a CSV format. Pave the way for simple workflows by updating your subscriber list with a few simple steps. Be assured of an end-to-end subscriber list import/export with Icegram Express.

Easy Subscriber Management

Manage your subscribers from search to edit, import to export. Leverage the convenience of varied features – list moving, segmentation, deleting subscribers, and more. Ensure accurate segmentation without the possibility of potential loss or corruption.

Test Newsletters

Test your newsletters on a real audience. Use the real user’s data, name, email, identification code, preferences, and more to test what works and what doesn’t. Filter inactive, incorrect, or unengaged subscribers as soon as you import or export contacts.

Track Subscriber Interaction

Track and store the subscriber’s last action. Assess inactive subscribers’ actions to check if their email engagement has surpassed a specific period. Save time, money, and resources – improve communications, and selectively engage with active subscribers.

Manage Multiple Channels

Forget the hassles of storing your subscribers’ data in multiple channels and platforms. Allow a consolidated repository to show you the bigger picture of where your email campaign is headed. Move bulk data from multiple channels with just a click!

Guaranteed Security

Sure-fire guarantee of security for your vital data. Icegram Express ensures compliance with regulations so that your data isn’t disclosed, dispersed, or misused. Rest assured, your data is for your eyes only.

Migrate your email marketing data with a single click!

Gone are the days when subscriber management felt like walking on eggshells. Ensure data integrity while having everything organized with Icegram Express.