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Introducing Premium Add-ons

Icegram is a product born from our own experiments with customer engagement. Icegram has reached nearly 1500 downloads on WordPress and we've received over a hundred testimonials over social media, emails, and comments. We are overjoyed that our solution has benefitted fellow online business owners.

And we are pushing things further. In a recent update, we made Icegram extensible – one could develop additional message types and themes for Icegram. And to test, we had our entire team hack over Icegram for two days and create new products.

The results were outstanding. Our team built seven add-ons that looked and worked great.

We took that code, fine tuned it, and today, we are introducing premium add-ons for Icegram!

7 Premium Addons for Icegram

These add-ons make Icegram even more valuable. Here's a quick overview:

  • Geo Targeting: Ads location based targeting to campaigns
  • Sidebars: Action Bars show up either at top or bottom of the page. Sidebars show left / right.
  • Inline Messages: Inline messages are shown within page content, header or footer. You can show them anywhere else – for example a sidebar or widget – using a short code. Inline messages increases conversion because they don’t feel like advertisements – they are just part of content!
  • Overlays: More effective than popups. They take the entire screen to show your message.
  • Badges: Innovative add-on to add badges to your site.
  • Ribbons: Another interesting add-on. Add corner ribbons etc.
  • Stickies: “Stick” a message on your site.These “notes” can be shown at different positions, can be colored and even come with animations.

Revamped Demos

We've also updated our demos. All the demos are on a single page now and you can see different themes and message types easily.

Checkout new demo page.

What's next?

We are working on analytics, exit intent, improved retargeting rules and a form parser for quicker email service integration. Plus there are a couple new message types from our hackathon!

Do post your reviews / comments / suggestions on our latest additions!

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