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June 2015 Report

Here's our whole month of June in a nutshell!

Upgrade. Upgrade. Upgrade.

Icegram 1.9.3 is out. And it's loaded with fixes, new releases and updates.A small snapshot of what you get in this latest version is right here:

  • New: Keep spammers away with new automatic anti-spam bot checking mechanism
  • Fix: Shortcodes not working in Icegram messages
  • Fix: WordPress crash while creating a new post
  • Update: UI improvements for form embedding

New Message Type – Tab

Another thing we are excited about is the new message type Tab. It's sleek, non disturbing and one of the most proven call to action tool used on many websites. Have a complete look at Tabs and learn why you need to get one now!

Theme Pack 2015

Customers love themes. And we love our customers. So we rolled out a pack of 42 exclusive themes for them. If you haven't checked out this piece of art. Here's the link to explore more.

Auto Winner in Split Testing

And the last but something that's applicable Icegram wide is our latest addition to Split testing the Auto Winner Functionality. Read more about it here!


We're excited. We want to know which of the new features excite you. Drop us a comment/mail and let us know to the earliest!

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