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How to Craft Killer Email Preheaders for Higher Open Rates?

Creating an email preheader to increase email opening rates is easier said than done. Are you in a similar precarious situation as other marketers? Then this blog will put an end to all your worries. We'll share some of the best methods for creating an incredible preheader to boost email open rates.

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Last updated on January 16, 2024

Receiving no response after sending well-crafted sales emails can be frustrating. You might wonder what you might have done better. Let’s ace the game of high open rate with killer email preheaders.

Have you considered that you may need to persuade subscribers to open your emails?

You may write an impressive subject line, but you can go one step ahead to increase the open rate. Adding more to the mix, like a preheader, would be a game-changer. The diminishing open rate may be due to the absence of an email preheader.

The preheader text can help capture subscribers’ attention before they open the email. Because it is the first line after the subject that catches subscribers’ attention. Preheaders are even more prominent in mobile devices. Thus, it’s time to learn to craft email preheaders for your upcoming emails.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to craft killer email preheaders for higher open rates?

Focus on key points

What makes your emails more intriguing and unique than your counterparts?

Other marketers may be sending your subscribers a ton of offers. Offer them a reason to concentrate on your deals if you want them to. First, you craft a compelling and value-driven email copy and summarize it in a few actionable words in your preheader text.

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Highlighting key aspects that led you to create an email would be the right thing to cite. Use it to communicate with your audience.

A fun surprise, a sassy deal, or valuable information could boost email open rates. Ensure that the preheader pertains to the email text and highlights essential details. So, create a preheader that includes vital information to increase email opening rates.

Elaborate subject line

An impactful subject line could boost the email opening rate. However, a preheader text elaborating on your subject line can also help handle a staggering open rate. A preheader text that describes an engaging subject line helps subscribers understand the email’s motives and the value it could provide. As a result, it would encourage subscribers to open the email.

Take an example and understand how you can elaborate on the subject line,

Subject line: Invitation to attend upcoming music festival!
Preheader text: Plus, Grab the chance to win our new speaker.

In addition, some emails, such as newsletters, discuss multiple topics. It becomes tough to elaborate everything in a few words in the subject line. At that moment, the preheader can relieve you from this trouble by giving you an extra room. Giving additional information or descriptions regarding new deals can improve your email open rate.

Alluring offer in the text for killer email preheaders

What would encourage your subscribers to open your emails?

Choosing text for the preheader will become easy once you have the answer to this question. Ask yourself what kind of sales offer would entice your subscribers. You must be offering a value that subscribers need. Proposing that offer in your preheader would attract subscribers.

A value-driven offer often creates a sense of urgency. FOMO effects with last-minute deal offers, discounts on limited collections, or other such deals seldom encounter incognizance. As subscribers see the deals in the preheader, they will likely open emails to know more.

A few ways you can spark curiosity with alluring offers are:

  • One lone storytelling and not finishing it
  • Creating suspense and possible benefits
  • Make use of phrases and power words like explore and discover
  • Use questions that relate to the subscribers on a personal level
  • Implying a piece of new information without vocalizing it out loud
  • Using pain points in the form of a question

Such techniques help readers gravitate towards your emails and persuade them to open your emails.

Humor and personalization

Is it possible to make your subscribers feel special using preheader text?

A well-researched behavioral targeting could be the answer you are searching for. It has the power to offer tailored experience in email marketing. Whether your brand sells courses, or products, or provides other kinds of services, addressing your subscribers with their name can swiftly catch their eyes.

Moreover, a little humor in the path of providing personalization would have an enormous effect. You need to tailor your preheader text that calls out their problem to deliver a solution.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Add playful twists into everyday sayings and phrases
  • Use sarcasm and inside jokes
  • Unexpected puns and wordplay defining email body
  • Use emojis
  • Movie or pop culture reference

For example,

Use: “Your inbox will not like this message… But your wallet will do.”
Instead of: “Pocket-friendly ideas you might love.”

In addition, avoid long-waited jokes, overused terms, and complicated jokes in your preheader text. They might kill the subscribers’ interest faster than you realize. Humor must be understandable to your versatile audience. Thus, know your target audience before using your punch line.

Clarity and conciseness

What does it take to get past your subscribers’ inbox clutter?

Striving to stand out and be unique can be tricky. You must understand that other marketers also strive to get your subscribers’ attention. Using humor, emojis, enticing text and offers is good, however, it can turn into blunders if you don’t use them wisely.

Learn what frustrates your audience the most. Long and complex statements that don’t seem to end. It can also look like bait instead of a promise. Strive to convey your message in clear and short sentences. It will have a lasting impact on your subscribers’ minds and compel them to open your emails.

A few tricks to help you craft clear and concise killer email preheaders are:

  • Avoid jargon and complicated technical terms
  • The text must be up to 40-50 characters
  • Don’t cram too much information
  • Avoid beating around the bush and clickbait

Include powerful CTAs in the killer email preheaders

Would asking your subscribers to open the email work in your favor?

The answer to this question is not tricky or difficult. Most marketers confuse asking with desperation. Asking your subscribers with confidence can increase your chances of higher email open rates. Note that traditional CTAs might not work in the preheader. However, a touch of creative syllables will help you ace the game.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use actionable statements or questions to spark curiosity
  • Value-driven phrases, such as “Get a free guide”, and “Get 35% off today”
  • Align call-to-action with the subject line

Overall, CTAs can be helpful to improve engagement and boost email open rates. Note that, CTAs can guarantee open rate but don’t promise conversions.

Testing and optimization

Analyzation and segmentation

Analyzing results and customizing your email preheaders accordingly is highly recommended. A thorough market research would also help you achieve your goals.

The golden rule you must follow to craft email preheaders is to check which preheaders boost email open rates. In addition, you need to understand your audience as well to add suitable preheaders. You must customize your email marketing strategy according to it.

Moreover, you need to craft multiple email preheaders for different sections of subscribers.

A/B testing

How do you choose killer email preheaders for your next email campaign?

A/B testing in optimization is necessary for maximum impact. You test every email preheader idea and research about it. Test it and see if it brings the desired results. Tracking email open rates will help you craft email preheaders in the best way possible.

For example, try different combinations of subject lines and preheader texts. You are good to go whichever brings the best result for you.

Wrapping up

Email marketing is still an effective way to reach people and generate revenue streams. According to Statista, 4.26 billion people were using emails in 2022, which can increase to 4.73 billion by 2026. According to another survey, global email marketing share was 7.5 billion dollars and can increase to 17.9 billion by 2027.

Your ineffective email preheader could be the reason for your failed marketing campaigns. Thus follow these tips for email preheaders to boost email open rates. In email marketing, a good preheader can increase your chances of engagement. Once you get high open rates, you will have an opportunity to impress people and move forward.

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