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Lead Generation Strategies: How To Collect Leads Efficiently

If you are looking for non-traditional mediums to meet prospects, you are at the right place. Here, you will learn unconventional lead generation strategies for brand growth and expansion.

Collect Leads Successfully

Last updated on April 29, 2024

Website forms, pop-ups and email plugins are traditional lead generation strategies. Going beyond conventional ways of connecting with prospects can help the brand thrive. Multi-media channels can assist you in knowing your audiences’ whereabouts.

The question that arises here is,

Why are multi-media channels necessary for lead generation?

The unconventional lead generation strategies help you avoid the lead stagnant phase. In email marketing, brands often struggle to get quality leads, hindering their progress. At that point, marketers strive to find new lead magnet strategies and tools. So they can interact with their potential user base and expand the brand outreach.

Let’s look at the unconventional ways to collect leads.

Unconventional lead generation strategies

Build a Quora profile

Do you believe Quora is the platform for questions and answers?


The brand reach and impact of Quora go beyond people’s imagination. It is the platform where brands get to know their target audience. As a marketer, building your company profile on Quora helps socialize with the target audience.

Brands can answer people’s queries and keep their attention for more knowledge sharing. Further, the Quora community also helps you spread your brand’s voice. People can upvote and read other people’s opinions and comments. It further benefits your client outreach strategies.

It is considered one of the most practical lead generation strategies. It will eventually lead you to amplify your conversions on the global market.

Real-life events

Reaching a non-digital audience?

Real-life events at the targeted location would help you meet lead generation goals. Here’s what you can do to collect leads.

  • Organize workshops or conferences
  • Offer giveaways with contests
  • Organize seminars and give live demos of your products

Collaboration with non-competitive brands is also one of the most effective lead generation strategies. It creates buzz in your niche and helps you collect leads. A live telecast with the association of news channels can also get you far ahead of your competitors.

Further, track your on-site leads and deliver engaging follow-up emails to stay connected. If they’re interested, you can pitch them with your sales emails. Otherwise, nurture them with your upcoming marketing campaign.

User-generated content

In the last few years, marketers have been incorporating user-generated content. It has become a part of major lead generation strategies for several brands.

A study on UGC shows that user engagement increases by about 28% once brands incorporate user-generated content. People find brands more trustworthy and reliable with UGC. Brands’ popularity and sales rise because people are more likely to purchase and leave positive feedback. It, eventually, results in a good SEO ranking, building credibility.

Further, millennials trust user-generated content 50% more than the brand’s published content. The lead collection from UGC obtains an array of loyal customers. It helps you beat the competition and thrive in the highly competitive market.

Take advantage of Google Ads, the lead generation strategies monster

Technological advancements have eased marketers’ job to understand the target audience’s needs. Google Ads is one of the most adequate lead generation strategies marketers rely on. It helps comprehend the buyer’s persona before the next marketing campaign.

Google Ads helps you set marketing goals, create ad copy using relevant keywords and observe the results. With ad optimization, you can reach global audiences and collect leads successfully.

Further, multi-media channels help exhibit ads to versatile audiences on different channels. It can be in the form of banners, text ads, videos and more. The more people see your ads, the higher the chance of you to collect leads.

Social media optimization

Where does your target audience hang out the most?

Social media.

Unlike in old times, social media outlets are useful for brand awareness nowadays. They are no longer the medium of interacting with strangers only. Brands and marketers expand their networks by connecting people and looking for more promising services or products.

Social media trends encourage brands to promote products in the most creative ways. Many lead generation strategies are developed by marketers by following new social trends. It increases user engagement with brands. You can also promote services by sending tailored offers to groups.

Facebook communities, Instagram pages, Twitter, etc. are beneficial for collecting leads and diversifying lead generation strategies.

SMS marketing still counts

At times of consumerization, SMS marketing emerges as one of the most pocket-friendly lead generation strategies. Brands like IKEA use it to engage with customers and drive more in-store traffic.

Statistics also state that text message marketing offers one of the highest user engagement rates. Further, the ROI is as much as 45% in mobile marketing compared to others.

What separates SMS marketing is the instant delivery of messages. Brands can promote products, send personalized product recommendations and offer discounts. It encourages other potential customers to stay in touch with the business and creates more opportunities for qualitative lead generation.

How Icegram can help you with lead generation strategies?

As a reliable email marketing plugin, Icegram helps you connect with more clients. Marketers can send follow-up emails after collecting leads offline. As staying connected to your prospects is necessary, an automatic email sequence through Icegram helps you achieve that goal.

It includes:

  • Behavioral tracking
  • Sending targeted emails
  • Email Segmentation
  • Trigger-based automation workflow

It assists you with maximizing user engagement after you collect leads. Further, customize email sequences and boost conversions using Icegram Express.

Let’s collect leads efficiently with the above lead generation strategies

Timing is everything in the digital world.

Offer accurate solutions at the right time to your target audience. It helps you bring new leads in the future. Further, tracking and analyzing your lead is necessary. Know what works for your brand instead of jumping into trends affecting your brand image.

In the digital world, creativity and understanding audiences’ fickle demands are crucial. It helps create the next marketing campaign and deliver the solution effectively.

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