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MailPoet Review + Best MailPoet Alternative

Discover an affordable WordPress email marketing plugin. A perfect Mailpoet alternative with robust features. Check it out now for savvy marketing!

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Last updated on March 13, 2024

MailPoet is a fantastic WordPress email marketing plugin. It is, however, impossible for any plugin to please everyone.

As a result, despite a tool’s useful features, people frequently want to switch due to their specific business needs and convenience.

Pricing, range of features, support, and usability are all common reasons for looking for an alternative.

Are you looking for the best MailPoet alternative?

Then you are at the right spot!

So, in this blog, we will cover MailPoet reviews and the best MailPoet alternatives to consider. We will also draw a comparison of their features, benefits, and drawbacks, as well as pricing information, to help you make an informed decision.

What does MailPoet actually do?


WP Mailpoet is one of the most effective solutions available in the WordPress plugin archives.

This WordPress email marketing plugin allows you to create attractive signup forms, maintain and gather your email leads, and send marketing emails and newsletters.

This WordPress email marketing plugin allows you to create attractive signup forms, maintain and collect your email leads, and send marketing emails and newsletters.

Some of the key features are:

  • Create tailored opt-in forms using the WordPress block editor to develop your email list
  • Email builder with pre-built templates and drag-and-drop functionality
  • Send one-time emails or sequential emails automatically
  • Analytics to track email open and click rates.

What does Icegram Express plugin do?


Icegram Express is a reliable newsletter and email marketing plugin. It is an excellent tool for managing mailing lists and sending newsletters to your subscribers. Icegram Express is very popular among its subscribers, with over 100,000 active installs, owing to its extensive feature set. Icegram Express doesn’t require any additional plugins to cover the essential functionalities of email marketing.

Some of the key features are:

  • Automate your email marketing campaign – send one-time or sequence emails with ease.
  • Keep track of your audience lists and segments. Eliminate duplicates, and invalid emails and improve the list quality.
  • Let’s use an email sender of your choice.
  • There are no complicated builders or editors. Design your email easily and boost the open and click rate.

Mailpoet Review

Here is a brief overview of the major features of the WordPress Mailpoet plugin:

Email newsletters

Newsletters are meant to be more educational and captivating to your subscribers than a straightforward sales pitch. Eventually, motivate the subscriber to perform an activity to interact with your brand.

  • With MailPoet, you can design and send lovely WordPress newsletters and gain more viewers for your website.
  • With no coding knowledge and by using a simple drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create and edit newsletters. As well as personalize them to look more appealing so that audiences can easily recognize and connect with your brand.
  • It also allows you to track the performance of your newsletters and know who opened, clicked, and interacted with them.

Automated emails

When the entire email marketing flow is fully automated, you simply have to select specific criteria and initiate appropriate workflows. Thus saving you time, removing errors, and increasing the capabilities of your sales team.

Welcome emails

Setting up welcome emails lets the brand communicate more personally with its new customers and create the best first impression. Also, tell customers how your brand can be of help to them and highlight the key products or services.

Recent post alerts


You can schedule these emails to go out or send them immediately after each post goes live. They help your readers stay updated with the new content on your website.

Email templates

The WordPress MailPoet plugin includes over 50 pre-designed email templates.

You can select a layout that is compatible with your theme and your business.
Furthermore, the drag-and-drop editor makes it extremely simple to customize.

You can make these email layouts more appealing by including pictures, value propositions, and links to your website. You can choose these elements straight from the email editor.

Email sign-up forms

MailPoet makes it simple to create an email signup form without any effort and capture the audience’s attention.
Choose the type of signup form at MailPoet and place it on the appropriate page.

Then, select the custom fields. To make your signup forms more appealing, you can include your brand assets and customize them with colors, fonts, and other elements.

MailPoet offers pop-up and slide-in features for signup forms, as well as a range of third-party integrations.

Audience Segmentation

With segmentation and targeted marketing, you can send personalized emails based on who visited specific pages and who opened your emails.

MailPoet doesn’t restrict the number of lists you create and lets you have custom subscriber segments. It gives you complete control over how your visitors are classified.


With MailPoet, you can know the performance of your email campaigns and gather useful data on click and open rates. Providing you with a better idea of what went well and which ones require more effort.

You can even figure out which customers are opening your emails and which links are getting the most clicks.

This helps you to improve the user experience by modifying your call-to-action, content, and design.

Summary of MailPoet Review

MailPoet is a great tool. As we discussed earlier, there is no single tool that is without glitches or can satisfy every business’s needs.

The following MailPoet issues may urge you to look for a MailPoet alternative:

  • Lacks advanced features and has basic forms.
  • A bit more expensive than other tools.
  • Automation is basic.
  • Scheduling functionality is limited.
  • There are only a few email templates available.
  • Email statistics are limited.

Let us get into the detailed MailPoet vs. Icegram Express comparison in the upcoming section.

MailPoet vs Icegram Express

Active installations

MailPoet has been in the business for quite some time and has an audience base of 5,00,000+ active users.

Icegram Express is an emerging plugin and has quickly gained a subscriber base with 1,00,000+ active installs.


Pricing can influence a purchase decision, irrespective of the size of a business.

MailPoet has a starter plan that is free for up to 1,000 subscribers and 5,000 emails per month. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, the paid plan starts.

As far as MailPoet pricing is concerned, the base plan is priced at $100 per year, and the MailPoet premium highest plan is priced at $375 per year.

MailPoet pricing can create a hole in your pocket.

Icegram Express has a base plan priced at $78 per year and the highest plan at $129 per year. Both the free and pro versions let you create unlimited contacts, forms, lists, and emails. Thus making the extensive email marketing features affordable for you.

Check Icegram Express’ affordability (CTA to pricing page)

Combat spam

Icegram Express checks for spam using domain blacklists and uses a captcha to prevent bot attacks.

MailPoet prevents bot attacks but does not block domains.
Plugin access control

With Icegram Express, you can easily allow or limit access to certain pages, posts, and features to certain members. Or, even make it role-specific. Thus, gain control over managing the plugin, which makes it simple to use.

MailPoet doesn’t provide a plugin access control option.


MailPoet doesn’t provide advanced customer segmentation, making it not so friendly to use.

If you need to use acute filtering to categorize and view subscribers, then Icegram Express has the upper hand here.

Email sending service

With Icegram Express, you can use your preferred SMTP service to handle email deliverability.

MailPoet lets you use your preferred SMTP service or the built-in email-sending service to ensure reliability.

Email design

MailPoet doesn’t give you many options with templates as it has limited pre-designed email templates.

Consistency and having a unique brand image are essential to grabbing the attention of the receiver.

Icegram Express gives you access to unlimited email templates to create engaging email and newsletter content.

Email Automation

With MailPoet, you can set up a schedule to trigger automated emails based on a precise time.

It doesn’t offer any advanced scheduling options or the ability to send emails on a time-zone basis. This could be another usability check for MailPoet.

With Icegram, you can schedule automated emails based on both a precise time and a time zone.

Is Icegram Express the best MailPoet alternative?

Both the MailPoet and Icegram Express have important email marketing features required for a business in common.

And below is the consolidated pros that make Icegram Express the best MailPoet alternative.

  • Comes with an extensive feature set and is extremely affordable than MailPoet.
  • Provides high usability with advanced segmentation and automation scheduling options.
  • Access to limitless pre-built email templates to captivate audiences.
  • Easy plugin management with access control
  • To track open you need the MailPoet premium version, unlike Icegram Express.

Here is a quick summary of MailPoet vs Icegram Express:

Icegram Express


Plugin access control



Drag and Drop Editor



Advanced email automation scheduling



Post Digest



Advanced segmentation






Unsubscribe page



Block domains



Block spam bots



Web hooks




Are you an individual or a business looking for a simple and all-in-one solution to operating within your WordPress dashboard? MailPoet is the best option for you. The plugin is simple to install and use, and it includes a wide range of appealing features.

Support and cost are the most important factors to consider when reviewing a plugin, regardless of the size of the business.

Then Icegram Express is the best MailPoet alternative.

Even free users can get quick answers to forum questions and email support from Icegram Express.

As a result, Icegram Express is unquestionably the best marketing tool for all business sizes. However, it is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses because it provides numerous features at a low cost. Most importantly, you only pay for the features you use.

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