Block spammers, secure your blog and maintain your reputation
Would it be fair to say that having a “cleaner” list leads to lower bounces and higher email sending reputation?
It’d make sense to block spam signups right at the gate, isn’t it?

Icegram Express includes domain blacklisting, plus you can quickly add a captcha to signup forms.
We even manage a central domain blacklist so you’re always protected.

Stop spambots with a captcha

CAPTCHA or Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart is a technique to distinguish between humans and computers.
CAPTCHA is mainly used as a security check to ensure only human users can pass through.
Generally, computers or bots are not capable of solving a captcha.

Blacklist domains and attackers who try to flood your site

Icegram Express check every subscriber’s domain if it is blacklisted.
We maintain a list of domains that is suspicious and add them in the blacklist.
So you will have less chances to get spam signups. We also check for fake domain from signups

Ongoing security and spam protection updates

We update the blocked and fake domain list frequently. So that you do not get spam signups.