Mobile Friendly Optins

Icegram Engage opt-ins are completely mobile responsive and adapt to user device screen size – desktop, tablet or mobile. It just works!


Mobile traffic contributes to a good number of your total traffic. Sometimes more than 35%. Convert them by displaying highly engaging opt-ins on mobile phones and tablets using Icegram Engage.

Just One Click And Opt-in Is Targeted

With Icegram Engage, you just need to check a box in the targeting panel where you need to show your opt-ins( desktop, mobile, tab). You can check one, two or all boxes depending where you want to target your opt-in.

Display Any Opt-in, Unlimited Times

Icegram Engage provides full flexibility to show all its opt-ins on mobile devices. Not just popups, floating bars, but also you can show sidebars, inline, overlays and other Icegram Engage opt-ins. There is also no limit to display opt-ins. Create and display as many opt-ins you wish to. Though it is advisable to target only one.

Target Opt-ins Using Smart Timing Controls

Timing is most important when it comes to targeting opt-ins. Our powerful targeting rules enable users to target opt-ins in a smart way.

For example: Show opt-in after x seconds & auto hide after x seconds.

Target Opt-ins To Specific Users To Avoid Distraction

Not just timing but whom to show the opt-ins so that visitors don’t leave your site also can’t be ignored. Icegram Engage provides good user targeting rules too- showing opt-ins to logged-in users, first time visitors, etc.

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