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Icegram Addons are now WordPress Multi Site Compatible

WordPress already provides you the framework to have multi domains using one single WordPress site – WordPress Multisite. Icegram is already multi site compatible but a few of its addons weren't.

So we decided to pick them and make them multi site compatible as well. We released all those updatees today, and now everything is multi site compatible. Woohoo!

The Icegram add-ons that are updated today are:

  1. CTA Actions
  2. Behavior Triggers
  3. Analytics
  4. Geo-targeting
  5. IG Remote

Just to note: The Geo-targeting add-on also went through another fix. Initially there were issues faced by our clients where the country named entered by the client wouldn't match the ones in our database, thus resulting into bad/ no geo-targeting. It took us some bit of work but voila we have fixed that too.

Hope you enjoy this newly added features and fix and give us some honest feedback. We'd love to hear you in the comments below.

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