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Optimizing Your Website Forms for Lead Generation

Most marketing campaigns fall flat when forms are complex or out of order. Have you thought about modifying it to harness its full potential? Learn how to customize your forms in this blog to attract quality leads.

Forms For Lead Generation

Last updated on April 29, 2024

You released forms on your website and still didn’t get the desired result. The minute outcomes you get are not satisfactory and devoid of vital information.

It hinders your will even to move forward and converse with your clients. You may face the same problem and need help capturing quality leads.

Stopping spam and connecting with the target audiences are other issues marketers need to resolve while managing forms.

As forms act as lead magnets, they can also draw bots or get ignored if not optimized properly. Therefore, it is vital to consider every aspect of form customization.

It includes themes, questions, placements, purposes, etc.

Optimization of website forms for lead generation

Form placement on the website

The impact of website form placement on lead generation is paramount. If you believe crafting a high-converting form is enough, you are wrong. You are living the half-truth.

Presenting the website forms for lead generation in the right place is as necessary. People usually visit the website intending to find value.

They close the tap if they do not get it within a few seconds. A study suggests that people spend about two to five minutes browsing a blog.

Whereas, people spend far less time on e-commerce websites. People spend up to 80 seconds. Thus, website form optimization plays a vital role.

Studying your target audience’s behavior can help select the right place for your website forms for lead generation.

Further, pop-ups can also be a great way to generate leads. Enticing offers usually help you persuade visitors to subscribe to your email list.

Content that aligns with the purpose

Do questions on your forms help you understand your subscribers’ interests? Asking visitors for information without overwhelming them is crucial.

A few things while crafting any website form you must consider include:

  • Use clear language with simple words
  • Questions must be concise
  • Choose the right font style and size
  • Select right field-type menus, like date picker and drop-down menus

Be it a contact form, survey, or newsletter subscription form, include queries to help you craft your next marketing email.

Note that inclusivity helps the brand build a strong brand image and attract more qualifying leads.

The background color and font style must be accessible to a diverse audience, such as dyslexic and visually impaired individuals.

Remember that every website form is set for different purposes and brings certain results. Define your marketing goal to help you get quality leads and boost conversions.

Rigid security checklist

Website forms can avert spam if you customize them right.

Bots can be like stubborn pests that come again even after you uproot them. They can create the description for your marketing campaign.

Such attacks also waste your precious time interacting with your subscribers. One thing that prevents your website from bot attacks is automatic monitoring.

CAPTCHAs stop automated bots from infiltrating your system. Another considerable way to avoid error is using real-time input validations.

CAPTCHAs are built in ways that real people can solve it. It is difficult for computer bots to pass through it. It helps save marketers time in dealing with unnecessary bots.

Industries like healthcare and finance find it mandatory to use CAPTCHAs to comply with data security regulations. In addition, email validation can also help you keep the bots away.

Thus take all security measurements while customizing website forms for lead generation.

Functional across multiple devices

Is your form compatible to function across all devices?

People use mobiles, tablets, iPads, laptops, or personal computers to browse websites. Your website forms must accommodate various screen sizes.

Nowadays, most people use mobile devices to access websites. So, fast loading is essential to grab quality leads. Otherwise, visitors might get frustrated and leave your website.

Let’s look at what a recent survey says. According to Statista, about 60% of the population used mobile devices to browse in 2022.

Therefore, lightweight website forms are necessary to grab visitors’ attention and build your email list.

Capture with solid CTAs

An impressive CTA is essential to generate quality leads. It builds brand perception and image among your target audiences.

Your website is the visual representation of your work and goals. On the other hand, a CTA is your calling to your audiences to associate with your brand.

Therefore, crafting impressive CTAs in the forms is crucial and cannot be ignored.

Now, how do you craft impressionable CTAs?

  • The CTA button must stand out visually and align with your brand persona
  • Use actionable language using simple words, like “Download Now”
  • Experiment with color, themes, and text and apply that boosts conversions
  • Inform users what happens next after clicking on the button, like download, confirmation email, code generation, or next step.

Thus, brand tonality and periodic analysis are essential while writing CTAs. It will help brands convert visitors into subscribers and deliver future marketing emails.

What’s more?

Notify subscribers after they have signed up for your email list.

A thank you page is usually what brands opt for after visitors subscribe to their email list. Along with it, a heart-warming welcome email follows subscribers into their inboxes.

You can opt for automated welcome email sequences filled with first-time discounts and more. You have an additional benefit if visitors have provided phone numbers.

You can send an SMS and welcome them just after their subscriptions. Phone number and email verifications can also be used as a two-step verification process and keep their accounts safe.

Wrapping up

Optimization of website forms for lead generation is highly dependable on your marketing goals. To generate more leads, you can attach your forms closer to the testimonial section.

Social proofs are known to attract more visitors and improve subscription rates. Note that lead generation forms optimization is not a one-time responsibility.

You need to keep analyzing volatile markets and accommodate necessary changes. It will build trust and encourage new visitors to subscribe.

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