Page Level Targeting / User Level Targeting

The factor that decides the success and failure of any marketing message is the way it is targeted as well as re-targeted. Icegram Engage provides you multiple options to get your targeting, re-targeting right.

Targeting Rules

Icegram Engage provides multiple targeting rules; like:

  • Time based targeting
  • Visitors based targeting
  • Location based targeting
  • Behaviour based targeting

Icegram Engage’s targeting enables you to show the right message at the right time and at the right place.

1. Time based targeting

Icegram Engage allows you to show a marketing message depending upon the time spent by the visitor on your site.

2. Visitor based targeting

Logged in user or just a visitor? Icegram Engage provides you options to target your opt-ins to specific visitors.

For example:

  • Logged in users
  • Not logged in users
  • All users

3. Location / Page-wise targeting

Whether you want to target opt-ins on a single page, two pages, site-wide or specific URL’s on the site, Icegram Engage gives you full freedom for it.

4. Behaviour based targeting

Icegram Engage is loaded with tons of targeting rules called as triggers. It allows you to target a Icegram Engage message depending on the visitors interaction with the website.

  • Exit Intent – show when visitor is about to leave your site
  • Time On Page – show after x seconds on current page
  • Time On Site – show after x seconds of entering your site
  • User Inactivity – show after x seconds of user inactivity
  • Scroll Position – show when user scrolls past half page or reaches the bottom
  • Using JavaScript – show whenever you need, using a JavaScript function call
  • Button Click – the default.. hide on clicking close or call to action
  • Time Delay – auto hide x seconds after showing
  • Another Message – hide this message when another message of this type – or any other type – shows

Re-targeting Rules

At times visitors aren’t convinced in the first go. They need to be persuaded even more. Icegram Engage provides you re-targeting rules to convert such visitors.

Some powerful re-targeting rules that work wonders are:


  • Show campaign for X times then do not show for X period.
  • Once CTA is clicked don’t show campaign for X period.