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E-commerce Sales Through Personalized Product Popups

E-commerce popups have long been a lifesaver for marketers looking to boost sales. Your e-commerce sales can soar with the help of personalized product popups. Let's explore how to achieve an incredible e-commerce sale rate.

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Last updated on January 17, 2024

Personalized product popups are necessary because converting visitors into loyal customers can be quite difficult for e-commerce website owners. Most website owners struggle with using sales-boosting marketing techniques in the right manner.

E-commerce popups are one of those marketing techniques. Pop-up e-commerce websites have long been a staple of successful marketing campaigns. Yet, many of them are unable to take advantage of its full potential.

Making personalized product pop-ups for an e-commerce website can be a double-edged sword. For this reason, to increase e-commerce sales, you must craft your product popups.

Let’s find out how to make sure your e-commerce popups are successful.

Ensuring the success of e-commerce personalized product popups

What do irresistible e-commerce product popups consist of?

An irresistible e-commerce product pop-up consists of exactly what a visitor needs at that time. Pop-ups are to grab your visitors’ attention and nudge them to enjoy a delightful user experience. Besides being appealing, product pop-ups offer valuable deals to persuade visitors to buy.

Moreover, the success rate of e-commerce pop-ups depends on several factors. Holidays, festival seasons, international events, new releases, etc., are a few factors you can name.

Let’s dig deeper and discuss what else makes e-commerce pop-ups successful.


Don’t you feel bored looking at generic pop-ups?

Generic pop-ups can give the impression of spam. The first thing your visitors will notice in your pop-up is how you address them. If your address doesn’t call for their attention, they might close it before reading it.

Therefore, customized product pop-ups can benefit you. They address people through their needs and desires and increase sales.

Mobile-friendly personalized product popups

Do you know that mobile purchases are dominating the e-commerce industry?

Mobile purchases have seen an all-time high in this decade. Recent research will help you better understand it.

As per Statista’s report, mobile e-commerce sales have reached a 2.2 trillion dollar mark. In other words, mobile purchases made up about 60% of e-commerce sales around the world. The same market insights also expect e-commerce sales to reach 3.4 trillion dollars by 2027.

So, ensure to make your e-commerce pop-ups mobile-friendly to improve sales. If it’s required, resize your pop-up that is best suited and work on various devices, such as desktops, tablets, iPads, etc.

Creativity and animations

A touch of animations in the pop-ups can increase the chances of high sales.


Nowadays, animation helps website owners increase brand engagement and make it intriguing. Pop-up animations are primarily used to relay information to visitors in a subtle way.

Other ways to craft creative personalized product pop-ups include fly-ins, overlays and sidebars. Notably, versatile pop-ups can capture visitors’ attention and increase sales for website owners. Another thing to keep in mind is to not overdo it as it can also annoy your visitors.

Crafting personalized product popups

Align goals with audiences’ demands

Do your goals and visitors’ interests align?

While crafting e-commerce product pop-ups, ensure your intent matches your audiences’ demands. Also, be it an add-to-cart pop-up or cart abandoned pop-up, direct users in clear words to make decisions.

For example,

You must notify people in clear words about the discounts you’re offering on your products. It will assist visitors to think over and make purchases. In addition, the e-commerce sales offer should be well-timed and aligned with market trends to maximize sales.

Focus on eye-catching designs

Ever wondered what makes an e-commerce personalized product pop-up clickable?

Pop-ups for e-commerce sales are like online e-commerce shop greeters. They welcome visitors with greetings and inform them of eye-catching deals. Also, they guide visitors to find the latest products. While building personalized product pop-ups, website owners design them to look appealing.

The pop-up designs must align with brand color and look like a part of the store. A foreign-looking design would look awful and sales could go down. Also, added animations must not confuse your visitors. Make sure they add value to the design and don’t take too much time to load.

Offer value-driven content in your personalized product popups

What’s the purpose of displaying pop-ups if they don’t do their intended work?

A value-driven content is what your visitors would like to see on your website. If your personalized product pop-ups don’t help them or offer good deals, then it’s time to revamp.

Never forget, Content is king and it’ll always rule.

While crafting content, prefer simple and concise language for visitors to skim through. You can also add product images to encourage them to buy. Moreover, write short words or provide links to reach the intended page.

Thus, value-driven content in user-friendly and brand-specific fonts is essential for increasing sales.

Actionable CTAs

Actionable CTAs work as a guide on your website.

Want visitors to buy products? Tell them where to click.

Similarly, a cancel button is a must for people who aren’t interested. Actionable buttons, such as ‘buy now’, ‘learn more’, ‘grab the offer’, etc., are the most popular. Telling them what to do saves time for visitors as they might not be familiar with the website.


Crafting personalized product pop-ups to increase e-commerce sales is indeed a responsible task. As a website owner, it becomes a duty to display the right product pop-up at the right time and to the right audience. Then only it will guarantee the desired result and generate a significant stream. Along with this, you earn a loyal customer base and receive more visitors.

Icegram Engage can become your best bet in making inspiring popup campaigns to attract leads. It’s a free WordPress tool that is used by over 20,000 ecommerce and blogging users.

Wrapping up: Boost ecommerce sales with personalized product popups

As you set your website pop-ups and release them on your website, remember to test them first. As a website owner, testing different variations of pop-ups will let you know what works best for you. Be it headlines, triggers, or offers, your unique approach might catch your audience’s attention.

Note that you can craft personalized pop-ups using custom themes. Theme-based custom pop-up templates offer high-quality visuals and induce desire in the visitors.

Further, the goal of crafting personalized pop-ups is to improve user experience and sales. Do not let them be the roadblock in your marketing journey.

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