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Pippity vs Icegram – Reviewed – Which one is a better alternative?

Last updated on June 23, 2016

We compare Pippity – a popular wordpress plugin to show optin popup windows, with Icegram – our plugin to capture leads and show different marketing messages…

Pippity (Co-Founded by Grant Griffiths of Headway Themes) is a wordpress plugin for capturing e-mail subscribers via a popup window. It has been around for a while and one of the most popular WordPress popup plugins. Pippity was one of our inspirations for Icegram as well!

Here we compare the important features of both these plugins… We’ve tried to be as unbiased as possible, and are open to your feedback / critic!

Designing a Popup


Well designed themes are sure to get attention. And ability to customize themes to your liking is even better.

Pippity comes with ~20 themes, while Icegram offers 6.  Pippity’s themes are more focussed on email collection / offering newsletter subscription. Icegram’s designs are generic – you can use them for lead capture or any other communication or to show an offer.

Icegram includes 6 popup themes

Customizing the Design

Icegram puts “ease of use” above anything else. You can customize the popup foreground / background colors and style your content using WordPress’s native editor. Icegram allows adding custom CSS / JS to any message content, so if you know CSS / JS, you can completely customize your designs.

Pippity provides a great range of styling options though. You can customize colors, sizes, overlay opacity and much more via the styling dashboard. It’s certainly easier making design customizations in Pippity.

Styling Pippity Popups

Targeting a Popup

Coming to the aspect of flexibility regarding where and when to show the popup, both Pippity and Icegram offer a good range of targeting rules. They both allow timing, restricting display by users and deciding which pages does the popup show on. Pippity also allows showing it at the end of the article or showing it after a particular number of pageviews. Icegram allows scheduling, targeting specific devices and can also show your popup wherever you insert a shortcode.

Targeting Rules in Pippity

Overall, Icegram’s targeting rules are very easy to understand and use.

Handling Multiple Popups

What would happen if there are two popups on the same page?

Pippity allows you to define a priority – to pick which popup to show. Icegram allows showing and timing as many messages on a page as you like. If two popups are scheduled for the same time, Icegram will automatically delay one.


Both Pippity and Icegram provide Anlaytics and A/B Testing.

In Icegram you can check out the conversions, the impressions and how many times a campaign has been shown. Analytics is a free addon whereas A/B Testing is a paid addon in Icegram.

Other Features

Pippity is all about opt-ins and popups. Icegram offers Popups and three other message types out of the box – action bars, messengers and toast notifications.

Icegram allows putting multiple messages together into a campaign and then applying targeting rules on it.

Another useful and unique feature of Icegram is the Headline Generator. It gives you random high converting headlines that you can use for your messages. This works great because it melts the initial hesitation we all face while creating marketing messages!


Pippity sells for $49/year (for single site) to $127/year (for unlimited sites). Icegram is free!

Quick Comparison

Design CustomizationsYes, manyYes, essentials
Targeting RulesYesYes
EditorLive EditorWordPress Editor
Headline GeneratorNoYes
Price$49, $87 or $127Free

Bottom Line

Pippity is a great popup plugin that gives you loads of options whereas Icegram focuses on ease of use and comprehensive messaging – not just popups. Icegram does not offer many features that Pippity does. But is free and has lots of practical and useful features that work great for most people.

For most people Icegram could turn out better than Pippity!

What do you think?

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