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Icegram Express sends out timely and automated notifications, keeping your audience engaged and informed. Expand your reach and create meaningful connections with our Post Notifications feature.

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Deliver timely updates to your audience effortlessly, boosting engagement and fostering a deeper connection. Maximize the effectiveness of your communication strategy and watch your website’s impact soar.

Automatic Notifications

Automatically notify your subscribers about new blog posts with Icegram Express’s Post Notifications feature. Keep your audience engaged and informed effortlessly. Simply set it up once, and let it run and do wonders for you automatically. Let it ensure you never miss a bit in connecting with your valued readers.

Personalized Welcome Emails

Optimal Scheduling

Schedule your post notifications to be sent at optimal times. Ensure your audience receives them when they are most likely to engage. Automate your email marketing for consistent communication without any intervention. Use optimal scheduling as a way to improve metrics like email open and click-through rates.

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Unlimited Post Notifications

Send as many post notifications as you need, without any restrictions. No limits on the number of emails or subscribers, giving you full control. Keep your audience updated and engaged with regular communications. Use our plugin to sustain readers’ interest in your business by boosting curiosity or brand loyalty.

Onboarding made easy

Shortcodes Supremacy

Use dynamic shortcodes to personalize your post notifications. Increase engagement by making your emails feel more relevant to each subscriber. Tailor your messages with names, special offers, and personalized details to enhance user experience. Use shortcodes to help your business get to the top by speeding up tasks.

Build trust and foster relationships

Smart Email Delivery

Ensure your post notifications reach the inbox, not the spam folder, with built-in spam protection measures. Maintain a high sender reputation and increase your email open rates with smart email delivery. Empower your business and email campaigns with our smart delivery system for maximum effectiveness.

High conversions

Real Impact, Real Stories

Feel the Impact of Genuine Connections – authentic bonds begin here!

Icegram Express’s Post Notifications feature has transformed our email marketing. We can now automatically inform our valued subscribers about new blog posts, driving more traffic to our site.

Sally Smith, Cofounder and Entrepreneur

Sally Smith

Cofounder and Entrepreneur

Icegram Express’s integration with our WooCommerce platform has transformed our email marketing. We can now send personalized product recommendations and follow-ups, driving more sales.

Rachel Kim, E-Commerce Manager

Rachel Kim

E-Commerce Manager

Icegram Express for 10x engagements!

Build more subscribers with personalized and consistent interactions

Open & Click Tracking

Monitor who opens your emails and clicks on links to gauge engagement and refine your campaign strategies. Analyze detailed metrics to optimize future email campaigns with Icegram Express plugin.

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UTM Tracking

Insert UTM parameters into your email links with ease. Know exactly which emails are driving traffic and conversions. Fine-tune your campaigns, identify high-performing content, and maximize your impact.

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Drag & Drop Editor

Use the drag-and-drop editor to create visually appealing marketing emails that complement your brand’s aesthetic. Create distinctive and professional notifications by customizing templates.

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Refined Recipients Rule

Enhance your email marketing efforts with our GDPR and CAN-compliant standard email practices. Maintain a high sender reputation and join 120,000+ people who are adhering to email recipient regulations.

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Survey Email Integration

Know what your consumers think with an exact analysis via survey email integration, and plan your next steps accordingly. Adapt your campaigns to the interests of your subscribers to increase conversions.

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Enhanced Email Housekeeping

Remove unnecessary data from your email marketing campaigns email cleaning. Stay ahead of the competition with high-quality data at your disposal. Experience superior data management with our plugin.

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Experience WordPress post notifications like never before!

Keep the inbox fresh and interesting! Experience high-converting email campaigns with post notifications. It’s time to unleash auto broadcast with Icegram Express.

Icegram Express does exactly what I needed!
Their support team was responsive and courteous in providing a solution when I had trouble with workflow. Functionality and support is as promised. I highly recommend this plugin!”

– Hogsten, Business Owner

Frequently Asked Common Questions

We’ve answered most common questions here. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered.

What is the notification email plugin for WordPress?

Icegram Express is a popular and handy notification email plugin for WordPress. It allows you to automatically notify your subscribers of new blog entries, keeping them informed and engaged. Its seamless integration and programmable features make it a popular choice among bloggers and businesses alike.

How do I notify people of a new blog post?

With Icegram Express, you can easily notify people of a new blog post by setting up Post Notifications. Simply configure the settings to automatically send an email to your subscribers whenever a new post is published. Go to Icegram Express > Campaigns and click on Create Post Notification. You can use Express’s drag-and-drop interface builder to make the notifications more appealing

How do I attract viewers to my blog?

Attract viewers to your blog by using Icegram Express to send personalized and engaging email notifications. Leverage dynamic shortcodes to tailor your messages, schedule notifications at optimal times and maintain regular communication with your subscribers.