Money Matters

Price is an important factor in decision making. But we usually confuse price and value. If something feels “expensive” (or “cheap”) we discard it altogether.

Here are some perspectives / questions to help you make an informed choice today.

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What do people love the most about Icegram Engage?

While there are lots of exciting ways to benefit from Icegram Engage, here are some of the most frequent sentiments from customer reviews.

  • Outstanding results
  • So flexible, so powerful…
  • Wow!
  • My go-to plugin…

Larry Haywood - Online Marketing Expert

I’m blown away in all honesty. Simply a MUST have plugin.

For anyone using a WP blog, you must install Icegram. It’s definitely a winner!

Larry Haywood – Online Marketing Expert

Mithun Baiju - Founder, Websmush

It’s got all the features of a premium optin plugin, and some more…

I use Icegram optin plugin for myself and my clients. Thank you for developing something comprehensive like this.

Mithun Baiju – Founder, Websmush

Cecilia Miao - China Buzz Report

The best popup/conversion improvement plugin!

I have tried many others but they all had problems. This one is amazing.

Cecilia Miao – China Buzz Report

Teagan - Go Hey Judy

Fantastic customer service!

After several attempts with other plugins, I chose Icegram for not only the ease of use but their customer service as well.

Teagan – Go Hey Judy

Just one step to awesome results…

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Common Questions

Confusion is bad. Questions lead to clarity. Here are answers to common questions.

Who is Icegram Engage made for? Do I need it?

Icegram Engage is the best plugin to acquire more subscribers and increase conversions. It is designed for Bloggers, Internet Marketers, Store Owners, Entrepreneurs, Developers, E-commerce websites and other small businesses. Nonetheless, It can be beneficial for everyone who either sells something online or is interested in building a list on their website.

Do I need WordPress to use Icegram?

Yes and No! Icegram Engage works on WordPress. With the Max plan, you can set up campaigns on the WordPress site where Icegram is hosted, but display them on any other website. So indeed you can use Icegram with non-WordPress sites.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Icegram Engage?

No, coding skills are not necessary. Icegram Engage is built keeping beginners in mind and thus there is no need to know any kind for coding to use it. You can easily customize the campaigns from within the editing dashboard.

Is Icegram beginner friendly?

Yes, Icegram Engage is very beginner friendly. You can easily set up one or more opt-ins, use our pre-designed templates and start collecting email addresses. For a complete beginner, it might take maximum 10 minutes to learn how to use all of the functionality in the plugin

Will Icegram slow down my website?

Certainly not. Icegram Engage is created to boost conversions and we agree that page loading time is an essential factor. We have taken special care to ensure that Icegram Engage doesn’t slow down your website, whether you use shared hosting or dedicated or cloud.

Do I have to renew my license every year?

We strongly recommend that you auto-renew your license, so that you continue getting all the latest updates, fixes and stay eligible to receive support.

Can I upgrade my plan at a later date?

Sure, you can upgrade your plan at any time. You will only be charged the difference between the your current and new subscription.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. If you’re interested, become a partner here.

Pick a plan that will give you best results.