Icegram’s Rainmaker and Email Subscribers Integrated

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This one’s for the bloggers and marketers who would love sending their list an email notification once their blog article goes live!

Email Subscribers is one of the best Bulk Notification Email Services on WordPress. It helps you to send an email notification to notify your customers about your blog article each time you post a new one.

Icegram’s Rainmaker thought it would be really useful to integrate with this interesting plugin.

And so…

Icegram’s Rainmaker has integrated with Email Subscribers!

It’s a very simple setting but a thoroughly useful one.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install Email Subscribers plugin on your website. (It’s FREE)
  2. Create a Rainmaker form
  3. Select the Form Design
  4. Configure the Form Action. Select Email Subscribers from the drop down.

    Choose Email Subscribers from the drop down of Mailing List
    Choose Email Subscribers from the drop down of Mailing List
  5. Insert the form shortcode anywhere on your website. Done!

It’s just that simple.

What Benefit You Get?

All the people that subscribe to this Rainmaker form will be saved in Email Subscribers database. You can then send this list automated emails as and when you post a new blog.

If you already have a list you can first export that to Email Subscribers 

Any Questions/ Suggestions?

Feel free to reach out to us in the comment section below or simply drop us a message. We will get back asap!

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2 thoughts on “Icegram’s Rainmaker and Email Subscribers Integrated

  1. I am taking a leap here. Jumped off of the Mailchimp train AND SumoMe to try Icegram. It looks like I will save about $60 a month. I can use that money for more gadgets for my biz. Let’s see how it goes….

    1. Hi Paul,

      Do try it out and incase you have any questions feel free to contact our support. We will assist you asap.

      To your success,

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