Before we jump to pricing…

Price is an important factor in decision making. But we usually confuse price and value. If something feels “expensive” (or “cheap”) we discard it altogether.

Here are some perspectives / questions to help you make an informed choice today.


What value can this plugin create? Can it help grow subscribers, revenue, (any other objective you have)? Will it make my work easier?


What’d be the cost of not using this? What’s the real cost of alternatives? How does the price compare to my general daily expenses?


If I procrastinate and abandon buying this today, am I delaying achieving my goals? What results can this produce within a week of using it?

Capture leads, listen to your visitors and grow your business with Rainmaker Forms.

Which Icegram Rainmaker Forms plan will create most value for you?

Open Source



  • Unlimited forms
  • Onsite lead storage
  • 3rd party webhooks
  • One site usage
  • Icegram Engage, Email Subscribers, Campaign Monitor integrations

If you want it free



per month, billed as $27 annually

  • Subscription, Contact and Custom forms
  • Filter & Export leads
  • Captcha security
  • One site usage
  • Hubspot integration

For people who are getting started



per month, billed as $97 annually

  • One site usage
  • Premium support
  • MailChimp integration
  • Active Campaign integration
  • Mad Mimi integration

Everything professional bloggers need



per month, billed as $147 annually

  • One site usage
  • All advanced features and form designs
  • VIP support
  • HubSpot Pro integration
  • Aweber integration

For serious folks who need power and automation

DownloadSignup for PlusGo ProMax it up

Icegram Prime Membership

Join Prime and get access to all these top plugins and resources for your website
BONUS : Additionally you also get products worth $350 for free

  • Icegram Engage Max – $147/yr
  • Rainmaker Premium Max – $147/yr
  • Email Subscribers Pro – $129/yr
  • Bulletproof Email Delivery – $199
  • 20 Proven Techniques for Onsite Visitor Engagement – $39
  • 60 Second Blog Posts – $39
  • The Mass Influence Workshop – CTA Swipe – $29
  • The Mass Influence Workshop – Headlines Swipe – $29
  • VIP(Email + Facebook + Phone) Support
  • Ongoing resources and training
  • Products updates
  • Access to private Facebook group

These products are worth more than $1000

But grab all of them at the introductory price of


Get Prime

What do people love the most about Icegram Rainmaker Forms?

While there are lots of exciting ways to put Rainmaker to use, here are some of the most frequent sentiments from customer reviews.

  • Why didn’t I find this sooner?
  • Works great with my theme
  • Amazing!
  • Elegant, efficient, super valuable.


Must Use Plugin to Collect Leads On Your Website

Works perfect with Icegram to increase your subscribers list on Mailchimp and E-mail Subscribers Newsletter plugin. Great support! Must try it!

Lombra – The Lombra Blog

Sienda Ltd

Definitely worth the while!

Great plugin, super useful! And great people behind the scenes. Use it, it is worth the while!!

@hubsienda – Sienda Ltd.