The easiest way to collect leads on WordPress

62% of users got higher conversions on embedding a form on their website..
But the only difficulty is the

Major Problems Due to Other List Building Plugins

  • Complicated initial setup
  • Breaks the theme’s framework
  • Not compatible with other WordPress plugins (eg: Icegram)
  • Confusing customization options
  • Time and energy waster
  • Collected data is not secure (Often saved on cloud services)
  • HTML/ CSS coding necessary
  • Not easily to deploy forms

Rainmaker is full-proof List Building solution

  • Instant Setup
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins
  • Easy customization options
  • Ready made forms
  • Beautiful ready-made designs
  • Data security
  • No code knowledge required
  • Freedom to deploy forms anywhere on your website
  • Lastly, perfectly compatible with Icegram. Learn more..

Rainmaker is made for EVERYONE

so easy..even a KID can it set up!

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Collecting leads made EASY – Just 3 Steps

How does Rainmaker plugin work?

Rainmaker’s Forms are Ready-made


Instant Form Creation

 You don’t have to waste time learning how to build a form. It comes with already created forms. You simply need to choose what fits your needs and deploy it. You don’t even need a mailing list. No waiting for conversion improvements and results. Rainmaker gets you leads right away


Rainmaker includes 3 different form design styles


3 Elegant Form Design Styles

Beautiful and elegant form styles. These designs are highly versatile and fit any business or website design. Clean, professional and attention grabbing these design styles are very easy on the eyes and encourage visitors to signup as quickly as possible

Rainmaker Saves Time and Energy


No Coding Needed

 You don’t have to know any coding language. No HTML, CSS nothing whatsoever!

Rainmaker is the simplest lead generator on WordPress. And thanks to the readymade form and design template even a kid can master it.

Go Live in under 5 minutes

Get Instant Access Rainmaker is very easy to use. It gives you simple options to choose form fields, design, form action after which you can simply add the shortcode anywhere on your website. And volia you have a lead generator form on your website.

Rainmaker is Secure and Flexible


Automatically Saves Data and keeps it Safe

 Rainmaker automatically saves all form submissions to WordPress database. No extra configuration or plugins needed. This way you can store and view lead information on your site even if you are subscribing them to a mailing list.


Embed Anywhere in WordPress

 A Rainmaker Form can be embedded in a blog post, a page, a sidebar or anywhere in WordPress with a simple shortcode. You can use Icegram to show popups, sidebars, action bars, exit intent overlays or any other type of attention grabbing message.

Rainmaker provides Quick Integration


Easy MailChimp Integration

 Use Rainmaker as a list building plugin – connect your mailing list service and automatically subscribe leads to a list easily. Rainmaker integrates MailChimp signup forms with WordPress currently and other popular services are coming soon.


3rd Party Webhooks

 With its unique webhooks support, you can relay submitted form data to your own CRM, internal systems or any other 3rd party service. You can even send it to IFTTT or Zapier for instant integration with 400+ apps.

Icegram and Rainmaker is a match made in HEAVEN..

Untitled design (2)

  • Embedding forms in Icegram becomes simpler with Rainmaker
  • No HTML code needed to insert a form in Icegram
  • Rainmaker forms appear directly in the Campaign Editing Panel
Select Rainmaker Form in the Campaign Editing Panel of Icegram
Select Rainmaker Form in the Campaign Editing Panel of Icegram


Watch how simple Rainmaker is..

Select form fields
Select form fields
Select form design
Select form design
Select form action and copy shortcode
Select form action and copy shortcode

You can paste the form shortcode anywhere on your website (page/post)
and instantly start collecting leads..


Rainmaker is the EASIEST & SAFEST way to collect leads on WordPress

Try it out now!
It will take only 5 minutes..

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