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Review on Elegant Theme’s Bloom v/s Icegram

Last updated on June 23, 2016

Whether you are a blogger, an internet marketer or even an entrepreneur, building your e-mail list is the most important resource you can ever own.

List Building, a must for every website!!!

The reason’s like your personal record to the visitors, customers that have ever showed interest on your site. Having an email access to these guys can benefit you in ways more than one.

As in:

  • Stay in touch with customers over a long period
  • Send them periodic notifications about the latest things on your site.
  • Ask them for feedback/ suggestions

In short, keep a long term bond alive.

Optins, the easiest way to collect emails

Now there are unlimited options that allow us to collect emails. And each one claims to be better than the other. Right?

But what converts the best is still the age old OPTINS.

Bloom v/s Icegram, the better optin?

Icegram, is a pretty trusted WordPress plugin and has existed since June,2014. It has a user base of 5000+ and have helped collect hundreds of emails without compromising on the speed  of the blog/website.

On the other hand, Bloom is a fairly new plugin introduced in March, 2015. But nevertheless, it is giving a tough competition to the optin plugins in the market.

One-on-one Comparison

So, for you to determine which is the best, here’s the feature by feature comparison of Icegram v/s Bloom.

Various Types of Optins

Inline MessagesYesYes
Action BarsYesNo
Toast NotificationsYesNo
Widget AreaYesYes
Below ContentYesYes
Opt-In To Unlock ContentNoYes

From the table, you can easily conclude that,

Bloom provides 6 type of Opt-Ins while Icegram gives you 12 kinds of Opt-Ins to choose from.

Features – Who Has More?

Exit Intent TechnologyYesNo
Contact Forms IntegrationYesNo
Embedding VideosYesNo
A/B Split TestingYesYes
Opt-In AnimationsYesYes
Unlimited CampaignsYesYes
Duplicate Opt-InsYesYes
Import and Export Feature Campaigns/SettingsNoYes

Here’s where Icegram has an edge.

Bloom lacks in providing features like exit intent technology, contact form integration and embedding videos. These features can really be useful and can help in converting the visitors and thus Icegram takes the cake here.

Icegram however, does not provide the import/export feature provided by Bloom. That is, there is no ready made way to create a backup of campaigns and settings in Icegram as of now.

Pricing – Which One Is Cheaper?

Icegram has a free version which you can try and test on unlimited sites which contains 41 templates, 4 message types and analytics. It also has 12 premium addons. You can buy whichever you need. No compulsions at all. 

Need them all? Icegram also provides a discounted bundle of call add-ons called the Super Bundle .

The pricing for it is as below:

  • Developers License (25 sites): $499
  • Multi Site (5 sites): $199
  • Single Site: $99

Elegant Themes offers Bloom as a free giveaway for their members.
Well, membership is not free! The cost of membership for Elegant Themes are as follows:

  • Lifetime Access: $249
  • Developer License: $89/year
  • Personal License: $69/year

In both of the above membership plans, you do get access to all of their themes and plugins, but if you only want an e-mail Opt-in plugin, then the price is hefty.

Design Templates (Themes) – Get A Professional Look!

Icegram offers a collection of 62 templates (along with addons) while it provides 41 templates in the free version!

Bloom gives more with their 115 Design Templates, all of them are fit for businesses and can be difficult to configure for different fields of niche-blogging.

Backend Admin Panel

Bloom offers a pretty looking, easily customizable and user friendly dashboard for backend, BUT, you don’t have the ability to add custom list types in their forms!

For example: If you want to show off your new E-Book with it’s features or want to list out your Business’s advantages with bullets and numbering, Bloom does not allows you to do that.

Icegram has a WordPress Editor.

It lets you add anything you want! Even if you want to add a shortcode of third party plugin into your form or list out points or colorize and decorate each and every sentence with different colors on your form, you have the ability to do that with Icegram!

E-Mail Marketing Companies Integration

Bloom offers 12 major e-mail marketing companies integration along with custom HTML forms. But, Bloom does not support ActiveCampaign which is a issue raised by customers.

On the other hand, Icegram offers HTML embedding of all forms which can be a little complicated, but providing options for all e-mail marketing companies with a single click is on our Roadmap for future updates.


Triggers are your customized places where whenever a user lands on it, he sees your Opt-In form.

Two types of triggers, show triggers and hide triggers (Behaviour Triggers Add-on in Icegram) are compared one by one below.

Show Triggers

Exit IntentYesNo
After Timed DelayYesYes
After User InactivityYesYes
After % ScrollYesYes
After A CommentNoYes
After A PurchaseNoYes

Hide Triggers

Button ClickYesYes
Timed DelayYesNo
Another MessageYesNo

You can know more about triggers here.

Features Present ONLY In Icegram:

1. Geo-Targeting

Geo-Targeting is the technique to show your Opt-In forms only to visitors of particular area, city, nation or IP address.

2. Exit Redirect

Exit Redirect technology shows a message to your site visitor as soon as he clicks on Back or Close button of the browser. On click the CTA button of that message, you can redirect your users to your desired landing page which converts the best.

Conclusion – Which one will best suite YOU?

Here’s a short recap of all the pros and cons of Icegram and Bloom.

Exit-Intent TechnologyYesNo
Contact Forms IntegrationYesNo
Action BarsYesNo
Toast NotificationsYesNo
Import and Export FeatureNoYes
Opt-In To Unlock ContentNoYes
Form OrientationNoYes
Fancy DashboardNoYes
PricingFree ($99/year for Premium Addons)$89/year

We leave the decision to you. Checkout both these plugins and give us feedback on which is your favorite and why?

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