Why Does Icegram Deliver Fantastic Results?

Time Tested Behavior and Marketing Science

Clustering, availability bias, liking bias, scarcity triggers, loss aversion, association bias, recency effect… Icegram – the plugin, and the methods of delivering these messages work because of our deep rooted emotional and behavioral biases.

Comprehensive and Well Integrated

Icegram brings a lot of things together – gives you wide choice of message types, themes and complete customizability. All in a well designed, easy to use package.

Grabs Audience's attention, But Stays Unobtrusive

Well designed and gently animated messages immediately catch attention, but don't feel “in the face”.

Nudges Visitors to Take Action

A clear, explicit call to action substantially increases the number of people who will act on it. And if you have an irresistible call to action, you'd be a super star!

Delivers Segmented Messages

Different targeting rules and campaigns help deliver messages tailored to a set of visitors