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Show a popup on exit intent, a footer bar on scroll to bottom – and much more…

If there was one thing people demanded in Icegram from day 1, it is Exit Intent!

Exit Intent is tracking when the user is about to leave this page. If you show an optin subscription form just when user is leaving the page, you immediately grab attention, and can significantly increase conversions. Exit Intent has commonly delivered 40% to 70% jump in conversions.

You can now do Exit Intent with Icegram – with the Behavior Triggers addon.

But that's just the tip of the proverbial iceberg! Behavior Triggers can show or hide messages based on a variety of user actions. We've tried to pack a lot of power behind a simple interface and hope you like it.

Behavior Triggers – learn more & demos

Behavior Triggers work with all Icegram free message types – popups, action bars, messengers, toast notifications. Plus all premium message types – sidebars, stickies, inline messages, badges, ribbons…

Show Triggers

  • Exit Intent – show when visitor is about to leave your site
  • Time On Page – show after x seconds on current page
  • Time On Site – show after x seconds of entering your site
  • Scroll Position – show when user scrolls past half page or reaches the bottom
  • Using JavaScript – show whenever you need, using a JavaScript function call

Hide Triggers

  • Button Click – the default.. hide on clicking close or call to action
  • Time Delay – auto hide x seconds after showing
  • Another Message – hide this message when another message of this type – or any other type – shows

Do try it out and give us your feedback!

One thought on “Show a popup on exit intent, a footer bar on scroll to bottom – and much more…

  1. Hey Guys,
    Question: how do you determine exit intent on mobile? I mean it’s not like there is a physical “close” button… what is then considered an exit intent?

    I’ve tested it, and unfortunately, the pop up doesn’t appear if it is set to Exit Intent on mobile.

    Any suggestions?


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