Icegram Express Spam Score Report

Review and reduce your spam scores with Icegram Express

Time to nip spam in the bud and get your emails where they are supposed to be!

The success of your emails depends on reaching your audience’s inbox. And that’s exactly what we help you with! Allow IG Express Spam Report to track if you’ve really reached your audiences’ inbox.

Get a realistic picture with IG Express Spam Report

Are you connected with your audience, or is your message going unheard? Get a realistic picture of your spam score with IG Express.

Track Inactive Subscribers

Keep a tab on non-existing emails, disposable emails, or inactive ones. Achieve your marketing goals by avoiding spam filters and reaching out to an audience that anticipates your message and is likely to convert.

Clean Your List

Icegram Express helps you organize your list while helping you remain compliant with anti-spam regulations. Organize and segment your list to avoid triggering the spam folder and landing in the most dreaded corner of your subscribers’ emails.

Improve Performance

A higher spam score can lower your email performance and user experience. With IG Express, have your message heard even in a saturated market. Get insights from the email spam score report and likewise improve your performance.

Save Time and Resources

Wondering if the time and resources invested in your campaign get its worth. With IG Express get a bird’s eye view of where your emails are landing, a clear idea about the ideal allocation of your time and resources, and an increased possibility of them being read.

Enhance Engagement

See how your email delivery affects your engagement levels, and move a solid campaign towards successful delivery. Get in-depth data to reduce the spam scores and ensure being connected with your audience throughout their customer journey.

Track Email Deliverability

Track the rates of successful email deliverability and allow automation to take over. Fix any unexpected email deliverability issues as and when they occur. Test your emails before they finally hit your subscribers’ inbox.

Boost the chances of reaching your subscriber’s inbox

Protect your email sender protection by reducing your spam scores. With Icegram Express let your email-sender reputation flourish.