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Split Testing 101

Did you wonder which message type will increase conversions? Popup or Messenger? Or Action Bar?

Or which headline will get more signups?

Ever wanted to experiment results of showing different messages?

Icegram Analytics helps you track the conversions and figure out what's working. But now we are taking it even further…

Use Split Testing with Icegram now!

What is Split Testing?

A/B Split Testing is a way of splitting your traffic and showing a different message to different groups. So if there are 1000 visitors, and you set up two variations, 500 will see the first variation, and remaining 500 will see the other variation. You then measure which variation is performing better and decide your next action.

A/B Split Testing for Icegram messages

Icegram Split Testing is our new WordPress plugin that allows you to A/B split test Icegram messages on your WordPress site.

Within a single campaign, you can create as many variations as you like and each variation can have as many messages as you like.

When someone comes to your site, Split Testing plugin will randomly pick a variation set from the campaign, and show all messages from that variation to the visitor. Impressions, Clicks and Conversions will be tracked using the free Icegram Analytics addon, and you can easily discover your best performing messages.

So, what all can you test?

Any Icegram campaign…

Create as many variations within an Icegram campaigns as you like and add as many messages to each variation set. You can have the main variation contain just a single message, and a variation contain three. Or you can change display timings. Or message types. Or any element in the message.

Some Examples:

  • Message types – For example, which message type gets clicked the most – popup or action bar?
  • Headlines – Test and see which headline is catchier.. Headline Variation 1: Sale ends tonight, or, Headline Variation 2: Limited Period Offer
  • Form Fields – Add/delete text fields. For example: What information are people willing to give easily? Phone number or email address?
  • Content – Experiment with various content and check which works better.. For example long form vs short form.
  • Images – Which one is more appealing? Animated GIFs, Human images or sketches?
  • Call to Action button label – “Sign me up” or “Get your Free Newsletter” – what converts better?
  • Themes and Colors – Experiment different themes, background and text colors.
  • Display Timing – 5 seconds after page load or 10? What’s better? Why not test it out?
  • Display Position – Top or bottom? Before content or in footer? You can easily AB test this..

Why use Split Testing?

Little changes in your marketing / promotional message can significantly improve its performance and conversion. People have reported 5x better conversions just by changing some text, color or button placement. We usually make intuitive choices, but split testing allows scientific decision making, based on real data.

Our advice?

Make a small change, test, measure. Then repeat.

Over to you

Don't loose any more conversions. Maximize returns from your current traffic today by testing what works best.

Get Icegram Split Testing addon right away

2 thoughts on “Split Testing 101

  1. I would like to know in design, how do you guys compare to optin monster, and is there any way in which optin monster is more beneficial than what you offer?

    1. Hi Alejandro,

      Here is a detailed analysis on Icegram v/s Optin Monster. You can check out the differences and see which one suits your requirement the best. You may also like o hear it out from our customers about tehir experiences so here are the WordPress reviews.

      If you still find it difficult to make a choice, I would be happy to assist you and help you decide based on your needs.

      Team Icegram.

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