Steps to Embed a Form in any Icegram message type

Step 1: Create a new campaign & add the message type of your choice

Step 2: Tick mark the form checkbox in the content editing panel of the message type

Step 3: Next select a form style.
(Note: this is the style of the input boxes only)

Step 4: Select the position of the input boxes.
They are graphically represented so you can choose them easily.
(Note: if you select the position as INLINE. You will have to manually insert the [ig_form] in the location of your choice in your message body.)

Step 5: Paste the HTML code/ short code of your third party service or simply add HTML code for your custom form

Step 6: Save draft and Check preview. If everything is well, Go live!


3 thoughts on “Steps to Embed a Form in any Icegram message type

  1. This has not worked yet in using Gravity Forms (which is very popular). When I use Gravity Forms with this plugin, for some reason, the captcha image will not display. I have tried multiple times with different forms, different themes, different types of alerts and nothing will work. Can anyone help with this? I had to take down my Gravity Forms contact form from my site since it would not display the captcha image and had to put up a different form that could work with Icegram.

    1. We got your support request for the issue.
      Our team is looking into it and update you accordingly.

  2. I found this trying to troubleshoot Gravity Forms as well. I have checkboxes in my mailing list subscription form and they show up as blank, no text, when I use them in Icegram. Haaalp! Thank you!

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