Stick notes on pages. Different positions, themes and animations add more value to this unmissable message type.
Want to tell visitors about an upcoming sale? Or Want to promote an event?Icegram Engage has the most engaging optin which can help you convey important messages & reminders to visitors 10 times faster- Sticky.

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Display Important Notes/Reminders For Visitors

Stickies are designed to look like the sticky notes we all are familiar with. As these notes inherently give you an impression of something important, adding a sticky to your website also has the same effect on your visitors.

Stickies For Multiple Use

  • To greet visitors
  • Direct visitors about the most important page on your site
  • Tell them about an update
  • Provide some instruction
  • Just thank them for coming to your site!
  • Lots more….

9 Flexible Locations To Display Your Message

Stickies can be stuck on over 9 locations on your website. You have the total freedom on deciding where you want to place your sticky.

Customizable Design Templates

Icegram Engage doesn’t only provide the regular sticky note template but it also gives you more beautiful variations. You can easily customize the color of these templates and match it to the color pallette of your brand.

Smart targeting, Exit Intent, Animations

Smartly target stickies for getting higher conversions. Show your message on exit intent or after x seconds of visitor interaction. Add Animation effects to make it more appealing.