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Annie Lax

After purchasing many bright shiny objects, most of them lackluster, IceGram is truly a product that illuminates the way towards creating magnetic calls to action that will galvanize attention.

I initially uploaded the free plugin, and I was impressed with the diversity of aesthetically-pleasing themes and invaluable analytics.

Still, I wondered, did a shinier object exist that could create even more eye-opening popups?

I performed a lot of research, went with my intuition, and purchased the IceGram add-ons. I’m so happy with this decision as I’m extremely pleased with the action bars, sidebars, stickies, ribbons, popups … well, everything!

Each campaign is also easy and quick to create, and the end result should materialize into increased conversions and sales.

As an added plus, the support is responsive and helpful. The responses are professional, friendly, thorough, and clear.

The IceGram plugin deserves a 5+ star rating. It’s a shiny object that truly shines above competitors.