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Tips For Generating Leads Through Optimization Of Contact Forms

Marketers love talking about contact forms when the subject of lead generation arises. In this blog, we’ll discuss practical and reliable contact form strategies for your website.

Generating Leads Through Contact Forms

Last updated on April 18, 2024

What method do you employ to bridge the gap between your intended audience and visitors? Contact forms, correct? Even though it’s regarded as a conventional approach, it works incredibly well. A well-designed contact form establishes credibility and has a professional effect on visitors.

By providing a positive user experience and building brand perception, it helps marketers generate leads. Having a ton of visitors encourages marketers to develop a strong email list. If you are having trouble converting visitors into subscribers, consider contact form optimization.

Chances are the contact form isn’t meeting the target audiences’ requirements. As such pop-ups have been leading websites toward amplified lead generation, optimization of contact forms is the need of the hour. Here, we’ll go over a few pointers to help you with the optimization of contact forms.

Tips for the optimization of contact forms

Offer simplicity

The beauty of expression lies in its simplicity! Contact forms in the form of pop-ups are the first website forms your visitors would come across. As visitors browse your website, a pop-up form makes it easy for them to reach out to you.

The simple and concise language can boost lead generation rates and improve conversions. For optimization of contact forms, website owners and marketers keep a few things in mind. Such as:

  • Add only necessary fields
  • Use simple words
  • Offer multilingual options
  • Create custom fields necessary
  • Apply brand-oriented themes and font colors

Apart from this, make your contact form accessible to diverse audiences. Choose your font style and size so that dyslexic and visually impaired individuals can read easily. In addition, marketers can also improve brand image in the digital sphere. All these above steps eventually will lead brands to capture more leads.

The chances of clients approaching you through contact forms would increase.

Ensure device compatibility

In times when people rely on mobile devices to access the internet, device compatibility becomes essential. A survey suggests that about 95.8% of internet users utilize mobile devices to access the internet. In this fast-paced lifestyle, businesses can leverage this by making their contact forms mobile-friendly.

Also, when the majority of website traffic comes from mobile devices, optimization of contact forms becomes crucial. As per another survey, mobile devices contribute to about 55% of the website traffic. In other words, mobile traffic has surpassed traffic from other electronic devices, like laptops and PCs.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to optimize contact form pop-up content and size accessible from mobile devices. As a website owner, ensure contact form pop-ups exhibit high responsiveness and adaptability to different screen sizes.

Set the optimal position

Do you believe you are utilizing the potential of the contact form to its fullest? You can release a high-yielding contact form and still struggle to generate quality leads. The reason could be its position on your website. Converting visitors into subscribers becomes easy once the contact form is placed right.

Understanding your target audience’s pace plays a crucial role in achieving that. Conduct a behavior analysis and place it where it is easily accessible to your target audience. Usually, placing it at the header of your landing page brings desired results because it is the first thing visitors place their eyes on.

Another option to consider is having a “Floating contact form” or “pop-up contact form”, appearing a few seconds after visitors come to the website. Choose the optimal position and make it mobile-friendly. The next step to improve conversions would be calling your customer to take action.

Rejuvenate with personalized CTAs

CTAs are essential to boost conversion rates as they help visitors take desired actions. In most cases, marketers prefer straightforward CTAs to grab visitors’ attention. Establishing connections through personalized CTAs is more effective than generic ones.

In addition, button CTAs are more effective than text-based CTAs. We got you a study to prove it. Personalized CTAs perform better with actionable buttons. In addition, button CTAs, such as “Get Started”, “Join Now”, “Learn More”, etc., show more conversions.

It guides new visitors throughout the subscription process. Marketers can draft a “Thank You” page after the process to indicate completion. Also, welcome emails would improve the interaction with new subscribers before you send upcoming marketing emails to them. It helps brands open rates and increase the possibility of converting subscribers into loyal customers.

Ensure data security

What practices make the website look shady? You may offer enticing deals and excellent services, yet it can go downhill instantly. Not complying with data security regulations can be the downfall of your marketing campaign.

Remember that with the evolution of email marketing, the threat of data stealing and cyber phishing has also risen. Thus, as a website owner, ensure the data protection that you collect from your subscribers through pop-up contact forms.

Adhere to data security regulations by adding CAPTCHAs during the optimization of contact forms. It stops computer bots from posing hindrances in your marketing campaign. It also keeps data secure and helps you focus more on real visitors rather than bots.

Further, Do not associate with spammy sites and be careful while using third-party web services. It keeps you from wasting your time dealing with cyber attacks.

Test suitable format

Is contact form optimization a one-time job? It can’t be. Time flies fast in the email marketing world. New revolutionary technological advancements challenge marketers to keep up and sustain subscribers. New visitors also come with new queries, interests and most probably, new-age solutions.

To deliver them qualitative solutions, optimization of contact forms or pop-ups becomes necessary. Craft questions accordingly and strategize your marketing campaign accordingly. Therefore, apply the A/B test or split testing method to stay tuned with marketing changes.

You can make the marketing plugin your 24×7 assistant to assist you in delivering quality and value-driven solutions. Such plugins help you stay ahead of your competitors and understand your audience’s demands better.

What inspires visitors to fill out contact forms?

The versatility of web forms never seems to amaze email marketers. Take the example of contact forms. Marketers have started experimenting and presented multi-step forms. Surprisingly, they have exhibited more success rates than single forms.

Study shows multi-step forms display about 21% higher conversion rate than single-step forms. In addition, fewer fields are known to capture more leads. Further, visitors must be inspired to fill out the contact form. Offering incentives is the most practical method of capturing leads. Thus, offer your visitors something valuable, be it resources, eBook, free trial, case studies, or guides.

Wrapping up

Website forms will be highly influential in obtaining quality leads as time progresses. Despite being a traditional approach, ensure form filling becomes a pleasurable experience. Cookies can also be used to save visitors time by pre-filling the contact form. Mandatory and optional fields depend on the industry and the audience’s interests.

With this, you help visitors select the information they wish to share. It enables trust-building and transparency. Above sharing will surely help generate steady leads through pop-ups like contact forms.

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