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Elevating User Engagement with Top Converting Hello Bars

With the user-oriented Hello Bars, you can successfully convert visitors into devoted patrons. Here are some examples to elevate user engagement with top converting Hello Bars for your next marketing campaign.

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Last updated on January 18, 2024

Top converting hello bars. What do we know about them?

Call it what you like,

“Hello Bar”, “Sticky Bars”, “Announcement Bars”, or “Floating Bars”, all lead to the same thing.

In the marketing world, website owners strive to boost user engagement with Hello Bars.

Hello Bars enables website owners to promote their services and products. Posing as the banner on top of the home page, it’s the first thing people notice. Whether you are a visitor or a regular customer, the primary purpose of it is to boost engagement.

But, is it only a promotional strategy for marketers?

Calling it just a promotional strategy would be an injustice to it. It is also useful to

  • Showcase social proofs and testimonials
  • Run contests and giveaways
  • Provide customer support
  • Offer personalized recommendations

It’s safe to say that Hello Bars helps visitors with informative brand insights, get discounts and buy new collections. It improves sales by encouraging visitors to stay connected with brands.

Let’s look at how various industries elevate user engagement with Hello Bars.

Elevate engagement with top converting Hello Bars

The popularity of Hello Bar has increased over time among various industry verticals, whether it is electronics, beauty, fashion, or education. USA-based businesses top the list using Hello Bar as a profitable marketing strategy, putting Brazil and the UK second and third respectively.

Let’s look at the few multinational brands that enrich user engagement with Hello Bars.


The international cosmetics retailer Sephora uses a subtle Hello Bar. Introducing fresh deals with alluring offers makes the customer feel compelled for time. As a result, visitors stay on the website longer to discover more about current deals.

Moreover, Sephora displays an offer as a hyperlink in the Hello Bar that takes users to a sales page. This sales page features products with the tag “today’s deal” from the most popular skincare brands.

You should use hyperlinks to entice customers to add more items to their carts. It’s more effective than relying solely on a static Hello Bar banner.

top converting hello bars_popups marketing_example


When compared to Sephora, Levi’s goes above and beyond.

First, the company makes multiple pitches to its target markets. Depending on user behavior and other preferences, its user base from the USA and India receives distinct deals.

The company strives to capture visitors’ attention by offering enticing discounts and a coupon code. To encourage them to make larger purchases, it also provides additional discounts on a certain amount of purchases.

top converting hello bars_popups marketing

Second, the company website uses slides to show deals to its customers in the USA. The “Hello Bar” features several deals with clickable links for both adults and children. A pop-up window containing the offer’s details appears when you click on the links.

The company displays several deals on a single “Hello Bar” rather than directing users to another page. Thus helping them address a diverse audience and elevate user engagement with Hello Bars.

top converting hello bars_popups marketing on website

Also, customize Hello Bars with incentives, deals and giveaways to capture leads. The offer can vary based on location, user preference, new product releases, international events, etc.

A few examples, you can use include

  • “New product launched. Pre-order now and receive a 10% discount”
  • “Get a 30% discount on all orders above Rs. 1500
  • “Download new [Software name] and get a 14-day free trial”

The e-commerce industry needs a consistent flow of customers to see significant growth in sales. “Hello Bars” is a common strategy brands use to connect with potential clients. It provides an easy way to announce ongoing and upcoming deals.


Do you know online education websites can boost user engagement with Hello Bars?

It’s done by addressing people from all walks of life. Udemy is one excellent example of this, popular among people of all ages. To meet its marketing objectives and high engagement levels, this education website offers a variety of course deals.

As people all across the world set new goals for a new year to better their lives. For individuals who work in offices, attend school, or are in business, upskilling is typically involved. By utilizing this in the new year, Udemy provides the most affordable course prices for a limited period.

top converting hello bars_website popups marketing

The middle countdown, which is displayed in bold letters, is a noteworthy observation. It instills a sense of scarcity in visitors, compelling them to enroll in their courses at a reduced cost.

Top converting Hello Bars covers the promotion of new services, courses, and software. Such as

  • Project management tools
  • AI technology-assisted HR software
  • Marketing automation software

Offers that entice corporate clients, business clients, or students to either upskill or streamline their workflow will appear in the “Hello Bar” content. Which, in turn, helps Udemy elevate user engagement and improve ROI.


Who doesn’t know about Shopify?

Nearly all marketers are familiar with this B2B website-building service provider. Here, Shopify places a free trial offer right at the top of the page. A discounted website-building experience is also included in the offer. It entices new entrepreneurs to take advantage of the deal and make savings.

top converting hello bars_popups marketing for website

As you are aware, Shopify is well-known in the e-commerce sector for its cutting-edge services and designs. People will likely accept the offer and click the provided link. The “Sign up now” hyperlink guides users toward the process of creating a website, boosting engagement and sales.

Hello Bars support the expansion of your social media fan base as well. Put social media icons on it and invite visitors to follow you on Instagram. In the Hello Bar, you can increase engagement by providing a brief overview of your brand for first-time visitors.

Additionally, many industry verticals support continuing initiatives to boost user engagement.

For instance,

Travel agencies work with the lodging sector and provide rewards like

Click the “INSTALL NOW” button and enter the code WELCOMENNP to receive FLAT 30% OFF on your first hotel booking.

Top converting Hello Bars: What’s more?

Are you aware that you can reposition Hello Bar at any place on the web page?

Indeed. The landing page and sales page are additional places where you can highlight the Action Bar or Sticky Bar. Its location is determined by the marketing campaign’s objective. Marketers typically decide to put it at the top of the main page. It is also possible to position it at the bottom of the page, though.

You can use Icegram Engage to personalize Hello Bar and increase user engagement to accomplish this. In addition, it provides aesthetically pleasing and brand-focused templates for a smooth integration with your website.

Wrapping up – Top converting hello bars

Hello Bars perfectly embodied the phrase “first impressions are lasting impressions.”

It could represent a make-or-break opportunity for first-time customers with your company. For this reason, companies customize them for giveaways, product promotions, and other purposes. It has demonstrated successful outcomes in greeting and interacting with new guests.

The Hello Bars’ actionable buttons contribute to an even higher conversion rate. To give users complete control over how they browse websites, you can also allow them to close the Hello Bar.

It’s time to personalize your campaign and enlist new members now.

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