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Top Three Ways to Make Your Visitors Share Your Website On Online

Shareaholic states that social media drives around 31% of traffic to a website. Thus, making it an important factor that can grow the popularity of your business instantly.

Now as rosy as social media and its popularity sounds, we all are aware of how difficult it is to make our visitors either like/tweet/share about our business on social media. Right?

Today I'll make this task of making your visitors to like/tweet/share about your business a bit simpler.I have compiled the top three ways to that will make your visitors

1) Experiment with the positioning.

Customers are plain bored of viewing the social media icons on the exact same locations on majority of the websites. This repetitive positioning has made them almost blind to these icons and thus, they don't take any kind of action when they see them.

My trick: Change the position. Choose an unusual location, something which is not common.

1) Action Bar – Show the social media icons in an action bar. You can choose to show the action bar either on the header or the footer.

Icegram Social Profile Demo 1 (AB)
Social Media Icons in the Action Bar

2) Ribbons – Show the social media icons innovatively in a ribbon. The ribbon can be positioned on any of the four corners of the screen.

Icegram Social Profile Demo 3 (Ribbon)
Social Media Icons in the Ribbon

In fact Icegram can provide you 12 different message types to display your social media icon. Use your creativity and choose which ones works out the best for you. Explore them here..

2) Target the social media icons at the right place.

The next mistake, people do is they display the social media sharing icons at the wrong places.
For example: If you show a like/ tweet button right in the header of your homepage, there is a minimal chance that the visitor will hit on it.Why? Simple, because the user did not land on your homepage to like you but to learn more about you and your product.

My trick:
Target the social media sharing icons at the right place.
For example: Show it on your blog page. Or maybe your testimonial page. Somewhere where your visitor will feel connected to your business and will want to share it strongly. Try these spots and let me know what worked.

3)Target the social media icons at the right time.

Lastly, show the icons at the right time. That is, the time when they have spent either minutes on your website/ read through half of your blog/ when they are just about to leave.

For example: The slide-in messenger that appeared on the right corner of your screen was trigger based. i.e show messenger when scrolled to the middle of the page.

Such trigger based targeting can be easily achieved using Icegram's behavior triggers add-on.

Over To You

Try these pointers out and give me a feedback on the number of shares/tweets you get on your website. Any findings/suggestions are welcome too..

4 thoughts on “Top Three Ways to Make Your Visitors Share Your Website On Online

  1. Interesting points! I will try this on my website. I will share my findings regarding this. BTW, you got a tweet from me!

    1. Glad you liked the post 🙂 And thanks for the tweet! Do share your findings, will be an interesting read.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing these! Nice points, very helpful!

    1. Thank you for the appreciation. Glad you liked the ideas 🙂

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