Icegram Express UTM Tracking

Get the pulse of your email marketing efforts

Trace each step of your email campaign.

Track the success of your email campaign and take your business to new heights. Tap into the source of your traffic, conversions, and sales using reliable UTM tags.

Scale your conversions with accurate UTM tracking

Focus on content, strategies, and sales while we take care of the most vital conversion aspects.

Drive Conversions

Get a step closer to monitoring conversions with email UTM tracking! Build strong connections and drive conversions. Compare the performance of each campaign and pave the way for campaigns that need improvements.

Valuable Insights

Get vital insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your future campaigns. Gather data on how your users interact with your emails. Get a clearer picture of where to allocate your resources through advanced tracking and analysis.

Zoom In On Improvements

Spot email marketing issues and identify areas of improvement with UTM codes. Test subject lines, CTAs, and the right send times that work for your audience. Implement the feedback and open the doors for more conversions.

Understand Your Audience

Figure out where your clicks are coming from using UTMs. Understand your audience better and segment them based on their interests, locations, and behaviors. Make way for better targeting and engagements for your future email campaigns.

Integrated Marketing Efforts

Get a birds-eye view of your email campaign through integrated marketing efforts. Check out which sources, channels, or mediums bring in the most traffic, leads, and conversions to optimize your email endeavors.

Monitor Key Metrics

Fine-tune your campaigns by monitoring key metrics – open rates, sign-ups, purchases, click-through rates, sign-ups, campaign performance, and audience behavior. Spot sudden changes, gauge trends and check how people engage with your campaign.

Get a clear picture of your email campaigns with accurate UTM Tracking

Catch up with the future of email marketing with Icegram Express. Embrace precise insights and stay ahead in the game!