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Ways to use Icegram on St. Patrick’s Day

Paint Me Green

Every year, 17th March, the people of Ireland (including people who are Irish at heart) across the globe celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. There's music, parades, dancing, food and a whole lot of green everywhere!

Countries Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated in the following countries.

  1. Ireland
  2. Britain
  3. USA
  4. Russia
  5. Switzerland
  6. Canada
  7. Some parts of Asia

Using Icegram to boost Sales on Saint Patrick's Day

The secret here is to target offers only to the countries mentioned above! That is, instead putting up a discount/ special offer for all the visitors that visit your website on St. Patrick's Day, only show offers to visitors from the above countries.


You can easily show offers to these visitors by using Icegram's Geo-targeting Add-on.

Some Examples Of St. Patrick Day Campaigns Using Icegram

st pa po
St. Patrick's Day Exit Intent Popup


st ab me
Messenger used to display a St. Patrick's Day Blog article.


st Pa ab
St. Patrick's Day Sitewide Sale Flash using actionbar


Steps to Geo-Target Offers

Like the holiday season and other festive days which fetch good amount of sales, Saint Patrick's Day also is no exception. Not only Ireland, but people across the globe in countries such as Britain, USA, Russia, Switzerland, Canada and some parts of Asia are actively involved.

Steps to use Icegram

    • Create your Campaign
    • Target it using the Geo- targeting rule in your campaign editing panel


Different types of Campaign's you can run on St. Patricks Day

  1. Coupon code
  2. Welcome Messages
  3. Display Testimonials of people from these countries
  4. Sitewide Discount Flash
  5. One time Offers
  6. Exit Intent Offers



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