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Craft unforgettable first impressions with
impactful Welcome Emails

First impressions are often the last ones, at Icegram Express, we’re making sure they last!
Define the brand, express your identity, or tell a story they can connect with especially when the brand is fresh in their minds.

Personalized Welcome Emails

Give your new subscribers a warm welcome like you would to a friend. Make them feel valued with tailored messages that resonate. From incorporating their name to making sure they feel right at home, our feature ensures your audience receives an individualized and memorable introduction to your brand.

Personalized Welcome Emails

Welcome Automation

Leave a great first impression on your subscribers with personalized timely greetings by automating your welcome process. Set it up once, and let it run on autopilot. Be it a friendly hello or a series of onboarding messages, automation keeps things consistent and makes sure your subscribers feel the love.

Welcome automation
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Ensure smooth onboarding by guiding your subscribers seamlessly through their initial interactions. Welcome them by providing valuable information, offering incentives, and ensuring a smooth introduction to your brand. Let a positive onboarding journey set the stage for a robust and lasting relationship.

Onboarding made easy

Build Trust & Foster Relationship

Welcome Emails aren’t mere greetings, they solidify the beginning of a relationship. Establish a connection with your audience by sharing your brand story, showcasing values, and expressing gratitude. Create a positive initial interaction setting the tone for a robust and lasting relationship with your subscribers.

Build trust and foster relationships

High-Converting Welcome Email Templates

Emails don’t have to be boring. Our high-converting Welcome Email templates are professionally designed and optimized for success. Choose the one that aligns with your brand tone, and watch your welcomes become visually stunning and irresistibly engaging. Engage subscribers right from the start!

High conversions

Real Impact, Real Stories

Feel the Impact of Genuine Connections – authentic bonds begin here!

Ever since adopting IG’s Welcome Emails, our subscriber connection has taken a refreshing turn. The personalized touch adds a warm vibe to our communications. It’s more than an email, a genuine welcome from our brand. Our engagement stats are proof that this feature works wonders.

Emma Davis, Content Creator

Emma Davis

Content Creator

As a business owner juggling multiple roles, Icegram’s Welcome Email automation has been a time-saving hero. It leaves a great impression on our new subscribers with its super smooth onboarding. Business has soared since implementing this true gem – an invaluable asset to our success.

Mei Lin, Business Owner

Mei Lin

Small Business Owner

Level up your communication game!

Experience personalized, timely, and impactful interactions that set you apart.

WP Newsletters

Create and send beautiful newsletters right from your WordPress dashboard. Our WordPress Newsletters help you boost your engagement with dynamic content and smooth integration.

Post Notifications

Staying in the loop, made easy. Icegram Express’s Post Notifications ensure your subscribers get updates when you post new content, keeping them engaged and informed.


Blend IG Express with your preferred tools. Seamlessly connect with popular themes, plugins, and SMTP/email service providers, ensuring a smooth and powerful marketing toolkit.

Email Sending Service

Send messages reliably, every time. Icegram Express’s Email Sending Service makes sure your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes on time, without any issues.

Automatic Email Sending

Save time with Automatic Email Sending and boost your productivity, effortlessly. Schedule your campaigns in advance for efficient and timely delivery without the extra work.

List Building

Grow easily with Icegram Express’s List Building. Capture leads with IG Engage’s simple and eye-catching forms, and build a strong and engaged list for easy email outreach.

Spark a great first impression with Icegram Express!

Stop losing subscribers!
Optimize your communication with the ultimate solution for personalized and high-converting campaigns!

Icegram Express does exactly what I needed!
Their support team was responsive and courteous in providing a solution when I had trouble with workflow. Functionality and support is as promised. I highly recommend this plugin!”

– Hogsten, Business Owner

Frequently Asked Common Questions

We’ve answered most common questions here. Feel free to contact us if your question is not answered.

Why is a personalized welcome email important for my business?

A personalized welcome email sets the tone for a strong customer relationship. It adds a human touch, making your subscribers feel valued and engaged from the start, fostering trust and loyalty.

Why should I use Icegram Express for my welcome emails?

Icegram Express simplifies and enhances your welcome email experience. With personalized features, seamless automation, and high-converting templates, it ensures your first interaction with subscribers is impactful and memorable.

Where can I find ready made welcome email templates?

You can find ready made welcome email templates at Icegram Express. It offers a variety of professionally designed welcome email templates. Easily accessible within the platform, these templates save you time while ensuring visually appealing and effective welcomes.

How can I automate my welcome emails?

Automating your welcome emails is very easy when you try Icegram Express. Utilize the intuitive automation features to set up a series of welcomes or a single greeting. Once configured, sit back and let Icegram Express ensure timely and consistent delivery without manual effort.