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7 Epic Reasons to Use Email Marketing Plugins [Beginners]

Bloggers, online store owners and startups use email marketing plugins to clinch more business and leads. Let’s get into the crux of it.

why use email marketing plugins

Last updated on April 18, 2024

“It’s the plug-in to grow your email buzz”

Are you feeling overpowered by emails? It might be intimidating and complex for a new business owner to create engaging newsletters and cultivate a strong subscriber base.

But what if your efforts were being aided by a great weapon? Email marketing plugins are revolutionary weapons that simplify campaign email content creation, automate repetitive processes and improve performance.

Get ready as we explore seven compelling reasons why you should use e-mail marketing plugins to spice up your email campaigns. Prepare to turn your email strategy from a simple emailing game to a lucrative conversion game!

7 epic reasons to use email marketing plugins or tools

Email plugins are super essential for any business, first and foremost. If I had to sum them up in a few sentences, I would say this:

Any internet business can benefit greatly from email marketing plugins. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business website attempting to increase blog traffic, an elementary website hoping to make daily purchases or an online retailer trying to sell its most revered products.

Email plugins are great in my opinion because they

  • Save a ton of time and work.
  • Make my newsletter’s content appear flawless.
  • Provide me quick access to all of the important KPIs or measurements.
  • They keep adding subscribers with even simple automation.

However, I’d like to share with you the top 7 reasons for using email marketing tools in your business.

1. Experience smooth and glitch-free email campaigns

If you are a media blogger, software business or e-commerce/WooCommerce vendor, you understand how crucial it is to have high-performing email marketing. Email marketing plugins let you take your campaign from mediocre to extremely viral with a few clicks.

These plugins are like super heroes to me. They can complete the tasks of three people and ensure that business operations run smoothly and stress-free.

For example, WordPress email marketing plugin like Icegram Express is a mighty tool that comes equipped with drag-and-drop features, built-in templates and workflow automation.

Here’s an image showcasing how to set templates in Express e-mail marketing plugin.

use email marketing plugins_icegram_express_template

On top, you can bring in your email lists and choose from different layouts to create mobile-friendly campaigns. No worries about how it looks on phones, tablets or computers – these plugins have it solved for you.

The bottom line is that you stay focused on creating awesome content without getting stuck in technical stuff.

2. Use e-mail marketing software for email personalization

Email personalization is a critical factor in the success of an email campaign. If personalization is ignored, I can pretty sure that there won’t be good business or subscribers.

For online businesses, email marketing plugins function similarly to detectives or spies. They have the ability to collect user demographics, interests and behavior and notify me of it.

Now I can simply use this user information to make my newsletter more relatable or personalized for my users.

For instance, if a user loves tech gadgets, I can include exciting tech updates in their newsletters. It’s about giving them content they actually care about.

Let’s say I have a fashionista subscriber who often clicks on clothing sales. With email marketing software, I can send personalized newsletters with the latest fashion trends or exclusive discounts on clothing.

My final take is that email marketing tools are super useful to push content for increased brand loyalty and lifetime value. You gotta use them in your email campaigns.

3. Email plugins for enhanced email delivery and analytics

My main goal is to make sure that my emails reach and engage my readership. Email deliverability and analytics are useful in this situation. Plugins like Icegram Express, HubSpot, MailChimp offer better delivery of emails and advanced analytics.

Firstly, the plugins I choose (I worked mostly with Express for my WordPress business) come with advanced authentication systems. These are like VIP passes for my emails. They ensure my email messages safely land in my audience’s inboxes rather than getting thrown in spam folders.

Imagine organizing a grand online store promotion – with these plugins, my promotional emails can easily reach a wider audience.

Why does this matter? Well, higher deliverability means more eyes on my emails. More eyes mean increased website traffic and that often translates to a significant boost in sales conversions.

But it doesn’t end there. With Icegram Express’s Max version, I get to monitor metrics like open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, UTM tracking, IP tracking, spam score and a lot more.

Working with Express WP plugin is like having a personal dashboard that tells me exactly how my audience is interacting with my emails.

If, for example, I notice a high open rate for emails featuring new product launches. That insight tells me what my audience craves and I can then fine-tune my strategies accordingly. Maybe they love exclusive previews or early access – I can use this data to tailor future campaigns for maximum impact.

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4. Founders use email marketing plugins for their high RoI ability

Imagine this: I want to streamline my e-commerce website, thus I’m looking for a cheap solution without sacrificing any useful functionality.

If you operate an online store, you may have faced this situation as well. Is there a solution to it?

I believe Icegram Express performs admirably. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, it’s free to use with an unlimited email list, contacts and messages.

Express’s paid versions are helpful if you wish to grow your WordPress business smoothly with fewer employees on board.

In any case, WordPress email plugins like Express allow you to push a customized email campaign and maximize its benefits while also saving a ton of money on additional labor costs.

With email marketing plugins such as Express, the typical return on investment (ROI) can range from 10 to 325 percent.

5. Who doesn’t love free and readymade templates?

If you’re like me and don’t want to spend unnecessary time and effort building attractive newsletters for your clients every week, email plugins are just for you.

Without plugins or SaaS email tools, you’d have to individually build your newsletter UI with HTML and CSS, which as you know, can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort.

Most email marketing software offers ready-made templates that not only look appealing but also contain all the elements needed to grab attention and prompt a click or purchase.

What I particularly love about email marketing plugins is their simplicity and user-friendly nature. They provide a smooth experience throughout my campaigns, making the process of managing and sending out emails a breeze.

Take Icegram Express, for example. Despite its minimalist interface, it’s loaded with awesome newsletter templates and a workflow automation feature.
Want to automate your email campaigns and get more efficiency? Try Icegram Express’s Pro and Max versions for superior control and advanced features.

6. Target better with enhanced device compatibility

Ensuring device compatibility is crucial in this era of growing mobile and tablet users, as my business depends on reaching as many consumers as possible and boosting sales. Let’s explore this in more detail, as well as how email automation plugins might help.

Imagine this: my audience consists of a variety of people, some of whom are reading emails on cellphones while driving to work, some who are enjoying coffee on tablets and still others who are using PCs at their offices.

So, it is essential to make sure that the email text or content is viewable and readable on all devices with a smooth user experience.

I have two choices here. I can either create distinct templates for each device or use an email newsletter plugin. The plugin will make sure my email newsletter is compatible across multiple devices with just a few clicks.

Content generated from Express e-mail plugins offers cross-device compatibility and can be enjoyed by a broader audience who are using multiple devices.

7. Use e-mail marketing plugins for advanced workflow or email automation

I love email marketing because it allows me to automate my campaigns and reach more people with less effort.

Automation is not only fast and convenient but also effective and profitable.

I can set up triggers and actions based on what my subscribers do and deliver personalized content or offers that match their interests.

Email marketing plugins are essential tools for automation. They help me track and analyze user behavior and optimize my email strategy accordingly.

They also make it easy to create and send beautiful emails at the right moment to capture attention and drive action.

One of the best WordPress email plugins I use is Icegram Express. It has advanced automation features that let me segment my audience, send targeted emails and increase conversions.

Below is an image showing how you can set triggered email automation using Icegram Express.

best reasons to use e-mail marketing plugins_icegram_express_automation

Here’s another image showing some classic examples of automated messages that are used frequently in the e-commerce business.

icegram_express_automation_why use e-mail marketing plugins

Express integrates with other popular plugins and platforms, so I can sync my data and automate my workflows without a glitch.

If you want to grow your email list and boost your sales, you should definitely check out Icegram Express.

It’s a powerful and affordable solution for email marketing automation.

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Final say

I’m a big fan of email marketing plugins and I think you should be too. Why? Because they can make your life so much easier, especially if you’re new to email marketing and email campaigns.

Let me tell you a fact. When I started my blog, I had no idea how to write engaging emails that would make people want to read my posts.

I was clueless about subject lines, calls to action, segmentation and all the other things that go into a successful email marketing campaign.

That’s when I discovered plugins. Plugins like Icegram Express are like little helpers that do the hard work for you.

They can help you create beautiful newsletters, manage your subscribers, automate your campaigns and track your results.

Plugins are great for anyone who wants to grow their online presence, whether you’re a blogger, a photojournalist, an online seller, a marketer or an entrepreneur.

Get the Icegram Express WP plugin today and see the difference it can make. Get the free WP version now for your WordPress site.

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