Best Plugins For Notifications On WordPress in 2017

1. Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 1,529 ratingsDownloads: 9,305,455

Duplicator gives WordPress users the ability to migrate, copy, move or clone a site from one location to another and also serves as a simple backup utility. Duplicator handles both serialized and base64 serialized string replacement. Standard WordPress migration and WordPress backups are easily handled by this plugin as are zero downtime migrations. For complete... Read More

2. OneSignal – Free Web Push Notifications

Rating: 4.6 rating based on 52 ratingsDownloads: 401,508

OneSignal is a complete push notification solution for WordPress blogs and websites, trusted by over 301,500 developers and marketers including some of the largest brands and websites in the world. We send over a billion notifications a day. After setup, your visitors can opt-in to receive desktop push notifications when you publish a new post,... Read More

3. Better Notifications for WordPress

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 101 ratingsDownloads: 167,013

Better Notifications for WordPress is a simple but powerful plugin for beginners to advanced users that allows you to customise the email notifications that WordPress sends using the WYSIWYG editor and shortcodes. All of the default WordPress email notifications are available to customise as well as lots of new ones. You can choose to send... Read More

4. WordPress Notification Bar

Rating: 4.6 rating based on 18 ratingsDownloads: 105,025

A quick and easy notification bar and call to action for your site. Upgrade to the Notification Bar Pro Version Now! » Benefits, Features and Options: Quick & easy setup Custom message and call to action button Sticky Notification Bar Choose any color to match your site i18n Support Multisite Support Pro Version Features All... Read More

5. Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 179 ratingsDownloads: 578,150

Icegram is the best plugin to easily create beautiful optins and call to actions of your choice, show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans. Icegram totally eliminates the need to hire a developer. You can easily set it up within minutes and start recording results right away. Most similar quality... Read More

6. WPFront Notification Bar

Rating: 4.5 rating based on 78 ratingsDownloads: 104,595

Want to display a notification about a promotion or a news? WPFront Notification Bar plugin lets you do that easily. Features Display a message with a button (optional). Processes shortcodes. Button will open a URL or execute JavaScript. Position the bar on top or bottom. Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar). Display on Scroll... Read More

7. WP Notification Bars

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 17 ratingsDownloads: 47,590

WP Notification Bars is a custom notification and alert bar plugin for WordPress which is perfect for marketing promotions, alerts, increasing click throughs to other pages and so much more. Why WP Notification Bars from MyThemeShop: Easy to Use Lightweight Create Unlimited Notification Bars Responsive Unlimited Colors Fixed or Absolute Position Add CTA Button Add... Read More

8. WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 18 ratingsDownloads: 25,401

IMPORTANT: WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications require WooCommerce 2.1.0 or higher. WooCommerce – APG SMS Notifications add to your WooCommerce store the possibility of send SMS notifications to customer every time the order status changed. Also notifies the owner, if you desired, when the store have a new order. Features Support multiple SMS gateways: BulkSMS.... Read More

9. Manage Notification E-mails

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 21 ratingsDownloads: 18,166

With this plugin you can switch the different WordPress notification e-mails on and off, like options as the new user and password change notifications send by WordPress to the administrator and user. Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins! Watch this nice tut made by Robert Orzanna: The options you can... Read More

10. Comment Reply Email Notification

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 8 ratingsDownloads: 8,732

This plugin notifies a comment author via email when someone replies to his comment. Requirements PHP 5.6+ WordPress 4.4+ Warning This plugin uses the “wp_insert_comment” hook, therefore, everytime a comment is created, a notification is likely to be sent. If you are importing comments into your blog, it’s a good idea to disable this plugin.... Read More

11. Notification

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 33 ratingsDownloads: 4,091

This plugin allows you to send custom email notifications about various events in WordPress. It also comes with a simple API by which you can add literally any trigger action. In messages you can use defined merge tags which will be later changed to content applicable for trigger. There is also option to disable the... Read More

13 thoughts on “Best Plugins For Notifications On WordPress in 2017

  1. i want a totally free version for WordPress i use Better Notifications for WordPress but it send always same message please me to find out best WordPress notification plugin for my project

    1. Hi Vidhya,
      Where do you want the notifications to be displayed on your website? Or as emails?

  2. That is a great list I didn’t even know about some of those. Icegram I can definitely say is great especially for you guys making it possible to do two-step opt-in, love that. You should take PushMonkey off this list though, I signed up with them and sent an email to support twice when I was getting an error from their WordPress plugin and I never got a response. Here are a few more you could add to this list:

  3. Notification system for visitors is one of strategies to bring visitors to your site once more and making them regular visitors for sites .
    This is why there are some of the best plugins and they must be used . It is a matter of joy that you have shared here those nice and useful plugins here . Thanks a lot for sharing these necessary plugins here.

  4. Hey there,

    Thanks for your nice article on “Best Plugins For Notifications On WordPress in 2017”. The notification system is one of the best ways to get visitors on your site. So, for this need best plugin and your writing will help users to use one in their website.

  5. Andrea,
    I used one signal push notification plugin but it seems some problem to send Alert. I think it is not fully working plugin.

    1. Hi Pawan,

      We use one signal push on one of our websites and it works fine. If you are facing any issues, it’s best to send the one signal push team a support ticket. Here’s the link

  6. Thanks for sharing much important information here.
    This was helpful for me!
    Keep sharing 🙂

    1. Glad you found it useful 🙂

  7. Wow, amazing list of Plugin, ICEGRAM seems to be ideal for me, let me try it, will comment after using it for few weeks.
    Anyway, thanks for information.

  8. amazing plugins Information thanks for it.

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