The Best Plugins For Exit Intent

1. StatCounter – Free Real Time Visitor Stats

Rating: 4.4 rating based on 36 ratingsDownloads: 1,257,884

The Official StatCounter WordPress Plugin brings you all the powerful StatCounter features to your wordpress blog. Including but not limited to the following: Invisible Counter Option Configurable Counter Configurable Summary Stats Magnify User Drill Down Popular Pages Entry Pages Exit Pages Came From Keyword Analysis Recent Keyword Activity Search Engine Wars Visitor Paths Visit Length... Read More

2. Popup Maker™ – Best Rated

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 1,753 ratingsDownloads: 1,196,999

Best WordPress Popup Plugin Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is extremely versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of modal or content overlay for your WordPress website. Customize every facet of your popups, from theme and position, to targeting and cookies. Easily create EU cookie notices,... Read More

3. Popups, Welcome Bar, Optins and Lead Generation Plugin – Icegram

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 179 ratingsDownloads: 578,150

Icegram is the best plugin to easily create beautiful optins and call to actions of your choice, show them to targeted visitors and convert them to customers and fans. Icegram totally eliminates the need to hire a developer. You can easily set it up within minutes and start recording results right away. Most similar quality... Read More

4. Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins

Rating: 4.4 rating based on 578 ratingsDownloads: 940,381

Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list, targeted marketing, lead generation, building a social following, improving conversions, and growing your business. Hustle let’s you easily grow your mailing list or display targeted ads across your site with pop-ups, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes. Get Busy With Social Sharing Plus, Hustle now includes... Read More

5. Popup Builder – Responsive WordPress Pop up

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 609 ratingsDownloads: 909,472

Popup Builder Popup anything with Popup builder, create and manage powerful promotion modal popups for your WordPress blog or website. Powerful, and yet, easy to use popup plugin that will help you to grab your visitors’ attention to introduce them your offers, discounts or other kind of promotional notices. Popup Builder is a modal popup... Read More

6. Boxzilla

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 59 ratingsDownloads: 128,403

Boxzilla for WordPress Boxzilla is a lightweight plugin for adding flexible call-to-actions to your WordPress site. Boxes can slide or fade in at any point and can contain whatever content you like. Some of Boxzilla’s features Boxes can contain any content you like. Various box triggers: Scroll percentage Reaching a certain page element X amount... Read More

7. Yeloni Exit Popup

Rating: 4.0 rating based on 44 ratingsDownloads: 82,128

Wooho! We have just launched a new widget – Action Buttons. If you prefer a non-intrusive widget on your website that gently nudges your visitors towards your CTA – you are going to Love these. To see a demo here click here< What the plugin does: Adds high converting widgets (Popups & Action Buttons) on... Read More

8. Exit Popups & Onsite Retargeting by OptiMonk

Rating: 3.9 rating based on 12 ratingsDownloads: 18,293

Convert more visitors to buyers – this is what OptiMonk can help you with. Check out how OptiMonk works: Grab your visitor’s attention by displaying a targeted offer Onsite retargeting provides you a powerful and simple way to convert more visitors to buyers and build your email subscription list. Your messages show up with a... Read More

9. Exit Popup

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 13 ratingsDownloads: 17,030

Exit Popup enabling you to display a jquery modal window, which can include text, images, videos, forms, maps and so on, before a visitor leaves your website. Exit Popup intelligently detects the mouse behaviors and then pops up a modal window when your visitors are about to close the current webpage, helping you increase your... Read More

10. Exit Notifier

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 7 ratingsDownloads: 4,633

Some industries’ compliance recommendations suggest that a notice be presented anytime someone leaves your site. I searched for a plugin to do this, and came up empty, so here you go! Features: * Works with little or no configuration. * The title and the body of the exit box, and the text on the buttons... Read More

11. Exit Coupon Popup Pro

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 13 ratingsDownloads: 3,211

This plugin is built to seamlessly connect your WordPress website to our Better Coupon Box app on Beeketing platform. All features are configured and managed in our server, so the plugin is most lightweight as possible and takes minimum resources from your website. When customers enter your store, a beautiful welcome popup will display, asking... Read More

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  1. There are some nice Plug ins.
    Thanks for that!

  2. Thank you for mentioning Exit Pop in this great list!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hi,
    Thanks for providing this great list.
    With so many options.
    Definitely one can grow the email list in an easy manner

  5. I’m Looking for a god popup on my clients wordpress website, this helped a lot, thanks..

  6. Hi There,
    I have open cart website:
    What exit pop plugin can you recommend?
    Can I use your software.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Eugene,

      Yes, you can try Icegram’s Pro Plan. It gives you loads of options to target the customer just when he intends to leave your website.

      Do look into and let us know if you need any help related to this.


  7. Thanks for these exit intent plugins

    1. Thank you for the appreciation 🙂 You’re welcome!

  8. Thanks for this list, will be trying a few of them out soon!

    1. You’re welcome 🙂 Do try them and let us know your feedback.

  9. Very thoughtful, now I have many options to make my popUps

    1. Glad you found this article useful 🙂 Feel free to share which plugin you found useful.

  10. Very good list of exit popup wordpress plugins, helped me to increase the leads in client websites.
    Exit popup with contact form is very helpful to increase the leads.

  11. Thanks that’s very useful indeed!

  12. I think the exit pop up will be best for my blog. I just checked it out and it’s got cool features. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the list. Great job.

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