Top WordPress Plugins For Your Content 2017

1. Yoast SEO

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 26,801 ratingsDownloads: 190,087,276

Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin Need some help with your search engine optimization? Need an SEO plugin that helps you reach for the stars? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of... Read More

2. Really Simple SSL

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 2,390 ratingsDownloads: 17,279,376

Really Simple SSL automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https. To keep it lightweight, the options are kept to a minimum. The entire site will move to SSL. Three simple steps for setup: Get an SSL certificate (can’t do that for you, sorry). Activate this plugin Enable SSL with one... Read More

3. SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 191 ratingsDownloads: 1,862,529

Clean up your WordPress website’s HTTPS insecure content and mixed content warnings. Installing the SSL Insecure Content Fixer plugin will solve most insecure content warnings with little or no effort. The remainder can be diagnosed with a few simple tools. When you install SSL Insecure Content Fixer, its default settings are activated and it will... Read More

4. Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 266 ratingsDownloads: 1,010,834

Manage all your custom content needs in ONE location with the Pods Framework. You can: Create and edit custom post types, taxonomy, fields and extend existing WordPress objects like users, media, posts and pages or extend other plugins’ custom post types — all from Pods. Easily display your custom content, whether you want to use... Read More

5. Slide Anything – Responsive Content / HTML Slider and Carousel

Rating: 4.6 rating based on 91 ratingsDownloads: 768,276

Slide Anything allows you to create a carousel/slider where the content for each slide can be anything you want – images, text, HTML, and even shortcodes. This plugin uses the Owl Carousel 2 jQuery plugin, and lets you create beautiful, touch enabled, responsive carousels and sliders. Slide Anything provides many Owl Carousel 2 features, which... Read More

6. Membership & Content Restriction – Paid Member Subscriptions

Rating: 4.8 rating based on 113 ratingsDownloads: 333,007

Paid Member Subscriptions is membership made easy. It offers a complete membership solution, allowing you to accept member payments, manage members, create subscription plans and restrict access to premium content. Integrates with WooCommerce, allowing you to restrict product viewing and purchasing to members-only as well as offer special discounted product price based on subscription plans.... Read More

7. Easy Table of Contents

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 66 ratingsDownloads: 278,823

A user friendly, featured focused plugin which allows you to insert a table of contents into your posts, pages and custom post types. Features Automatically generate a table of contents for your posts, pages and custom post types by parsing its contents for headers. Optionally enable for pages and/or posts. Custom post types are supported,... Read More

8. Interactive Content – H5P

Rating: 5.0 rating based on 34 ratingsDownloads: 181,794

One of the great benefits with using H5P is that it gives you access to lots of different interactive content types, such as presentation, interactive video, memory game, quiz, multiple choice, timeline, collage, hotspots, drag and drop, cloze test (fill in the blanks), personality quiz, accordion, flash cards, audio recorder. Another great benefit with H5P... Read More

9. Timed Content

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 27 ratingsDownloads: 65,839

The Timed Content plugin allows users to specify that a portion of a Page or Post should appear/be visible or disappear/be invisible based on given time characteristics. You can also make portions of a Post or Page be visible at certain dates and times; you can even set up a schedule! The plugin adds the... Read More

10. LuckyWP Table of Contents

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 86 ratingsDownloads: 34,552

Creates SEO-friendly table of contents for your posts, pages or custom post types. Great customizable appearance. Features Automatical insertion a table of contents (configure post types and position). SEO-friendly: table of contents code is ready to use by Google for snippets on result page. Insert by shortcode, Gutenberg block or widget. Button on toolbar of... Read More
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