Best WordPress Messenger Plugins 2023

1. Joinchat

Rating: 4.7 rating based on 180 ratingsDownloads: 9,406,579

🎉 Chat with your website visitors through their favorite chat applications. Place a floating button at the bottom of your site and give the best support to your customers. The best WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, with more than 600,000 installations worldwide. Documentation | Premium | Support ⌁ What you can do with Joinchat (formerly WAme)... Read More

2. Icegram Express – Email Marketing, Newsletters and Automation for WordPress & WooCommerce

Rating: 4.6 rating based on 1,074 ratingsDownloads: 9,943,077

Collect leads via forms, build and segment lists, automate sending newsletters, emails, post notifications to convert subscribers to customers. Icegram Express, is the easiest, pocket-friendly, fluent and best WordPress email marketing, email subscribers and newsletters plugin. Perfect for list building, list engagement, sending newsletters and targeted emails, and converting leads into customers. It’s a fully-featured... Read More

3. Call Now Button – The #1 Click to Call Button for WordPress

Rating: 4.9 rating based on 97 ratingsDownloads: 4,462,713

What does the plugin do? This plugin places a Call Now Button (click-to-call button) to the bottom of the screen. Because your mobile visitors already have a phone in their hands this plugin will allow them to call you with one simple touch of the button. No more navigating to the contact page and no... Read More

Chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels like WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger, and more. Display a chat button and communicate with your customers. Support | Demo | WhatsApp Button Features Recommended Plugins | Upgrade to Pro ⭐ Get leads and calls Chat with you via their favorite channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WhatsApp... Read More

5. Facebook Chat Plugin – Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Rating: 3.5 rating based on 289 ratingsDownloads: 1,673,557

Communicate with customers on your website with Messenger-powered chat. Chat Plugin is a chat widget maintained by the Meta Business that enables live chat on your website. Whether they’re on their computer or their phone, website visitors will be able to message you anytime by clicking on a small Messenger chat bubble in the lower... Read More

Features | Knowledge base | Community From WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Messenger, Floating contactform, WhatsApp widgets (New: WhatsApp Business), Click to Chat, Call, Email etc. Buttonizer is the most versatile Smart Floating Action (Sticky) Button plugin for WordPress. Choose from over 40 click actions and chat buttons Setup within 10 seconds + smart front-end interface (WYSIWYG... Read More

7. WP-Chatbot for Messenger

Rating: 3.9 rating based on 53 ratingsDownloads: 409,794

WP-Chatbot adds an OmniChat™ chat widget to your website. OmniChat by MobileMonkey is patent-pending technology for creating a single chatbot that works in multiple messaging platforms. The OmniChat widget is the fastest and simplest way to add live chat to your WordPress website, convert more leads and engage your customers, even after they’ve left your... Read More

8. Live Chat with Messenger Customer Chat

Rating: 4.5 rating based on 210 ratingsDownloads: 407,634

Support your customers via Facebook Live Chat. Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion active monthly users Permanent chat history available for both store owner and customer Zotabox is a premium plugin with a 30 day free trial (no credit card req’d) and a 30 day money back guarantee for our package of 20+ promotional sales... Read More

9. Cresta Social Messenger

Rating: 4.2 rating based on 5 ratingsDownloads: 48,258

Plugin Demo | Plugin Homepage With Cresta Social Messenger you can allow your users or customers to contact you via Facebook Messenger simply by clicking on a button. Users may contact you directly in private messages on your Facebook page and continue the conversation on Facebook Messenger. You can use the floating button which is... Read More

Chat widget with WhatsApp chat, Facebook Messenger Chat, Telegram Chat, Line Messenger, Live Chat Support Chat Button, WeChat, Discord Chat, SMS, Call Button, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, Viber Chat, Tidio Live Chat, Tawk Live Chat, Intercom Live Chat, Crisp Live Chat and Chatbot, Signal Chat, Slack Chat, Skype chat, Instagram Chat, Social Support Social Chat... Read More

Website | Showcase | Docs | Support The easiest & most flexible chat plugin for WordPress! Create your “Contact Supermenu” with Boei. Add a floating chat widget to your website and turn every page into a lead generator. Choose from 50+ contact channels and combine them in a single button. Make it super easy for... Read More

11 thoughts on “Best WordPress Messenger Plugins 2023

  1. I’m having trouble with my messenger word it stay in corner of my messenger in can’t see what am typing how keep stay med

    1. Hi Joann,

      Contact us at “” with URL where you have targeted Icegram message. We will check and let you know.

  2. Thanks, great post. I find your opinion quite interesting, but the other day I stumbled upon a completely different advice from another blogger, I need to think that one through, thanks for posting.

    1. Great! Do share which advice you decide to go with and why.

  3. Hi
    I want to a Messenger for my WordPress site(
    can you anyone help me.
    Team Placement Store

    1. Hi,

      You can have a check with Icegram to add Messenger on your site.

      Try it and let me know how it goes for you 🙂

  4. We have an event based membership website. When members pay their annual membership dues, I want to give them the option to be placed on a mailing list to receive automatic updates and other notifications. Is your IceGram the appropriate app for that function? Thank you.


    1. Hey, yes Icegram can help you build a list once a person pays an annual membership fee. Also, if you need our assistance, simply drop us an email from our contact page. We will help you get started.

  5. Hello. I’m looking to add chat capability for the members on my site to chat with each other. Does your plugin do that?

    1. No, Icegram is not a chat plugin.

  6. thanks for updating us about the messenger plugins on wordpress

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