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How to Connect your Store to receive Plugin Updates?

After installing the plugin, it is necessary to connect your store to in order to receive regular updates for the product(s) you purchased from Icegram.

Why store connector?

Earlier, we would issue license keys for each of our plugins. Customers had to then validate the license key before using the plugin. Now imagine what if a customer bought multiple plugins? He/she had to validate license keys for each of the plugins.

To avoid it and make onboarding simple, we have introduced Store Connector. Once you connect your store, you don't need to validate license keys. You also receive future updates of Icegram plugins that are active on your store.

How to connect your store to enable plugin updates?

After you activate any plugin from Icegram:

  1. Login to your WordPress site and go to the Admin page of the plugin you installed.

  2. There you will be shown a popup of Store Connector. Click on the green Connect or I have a working account button to connect your store to your account and complete your onboarding

That's it! Your store is connected and you will automatically receive future updates of the plugin.

What if my Icegram account password is changed?

If you have changed your Icegram account password, then you would need to re-connect your site to your account. This is mandatory in order to receive the latest plugin updates on your site. Please follow these steps to re-connect your site.

I don't have an Icegram account. My developer bought plugin for me.

If you don't have an Icegram account because your developer bought plugins for you, then contact your developer and tell them to complete the store connection process. It is necessary to complete your store connection because only then you will be notified about future plugin updates.

Troubleshooting – Common Problems

Sometimes, even after a successful store connection, you are notified that please update your plugin to the latest version even though you are using the latest version. Or you don't see an update link to update the plugin to the latest version.

In that case, go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins. Locate the plugin & next to it, you will see a Disconnect link. Click on it to disconnect. Refresh that page and then click on Connect and re-connect your store. Then check if the issue goes away.

Not able to connect your store?

If for some reason you are not able to connect your store, follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser and login to your account on in one tab

  2. Now open another tab and go to your site and click on Connect either from the Plugins page or individual Admin Settings page of that plugin.

  3. After clicking on the Connect or I have a working account button, your site will get connected.

Login form reloading even after entering the correct credentials?

If for some unknown reason, the login form is reloading & asking for the credentials again & again even after entering the correct credentials, follow these steps:

  1. Try logging with your username/email address and password on the Icegram account, to verify if the login credentials are correct.

  2. If correct, then follow steps 3-9. Else reset your account password.

  3. Go to some other device. For example if earlier you were doing it on a Desktop computer, switch to a Laptop or a Mobile & vice-versa.

  4. Make sure the new device is using the internet from some other network.

  5. Open your browser's private mode (In Mozilla Firefox & Safari, it's Private & in Microsoft Edge, it's InPrivate - preferably Mozilla Firefox)

  6. Log into your website's Admin panel

  7. Go through the process of connecting to again

  8. If it's still not working, change your browser and try again with the above steps.

  9. It should work now

If none of the above steps are working, please get in touch from here.

How to re-connect your store?

Follow these steps to re-connect (i.e. disconnect and re-connect) your store:

  1. Login to your WordPress site and go to the Plugins page

  2. Locate the plugin name and next to it, you will find Disconnect from link. Click on it to disconnect.

  3. Now follow steps listed here to re-connect your account.


We recommend you to update all your Icegram plugins to simplify the management of your account, plugins, and keys.