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How to enable automatic cron in Icegram Express

Since Icegram Express 4.0, Cron is enabled by default and all emails are sent through Cron. It uses WordPress Cron or Server Cron.

By default, WordPress Cron is enabled. But we recommend users to set up a cron on their server or upgrade to Icegram Express Premium to send emails reliably as we can’t rely on WP-Cron.


Chris Lema has a wonderful share about what is WP-Cron and why he doesn’t use it.

If are using Icegram Express Premium or also set up your server Cron, Emails will be sent through both Crons.

You can also send emails manually by going to Icegram Express > Reports section or hitting the Cron URL manually.

If you are using Icegram Express Premium, our cron server checks your pending queues every 5 minutes and it will take care of the email queues you have, you just sit back and relax.

You need not worry if your hosting does not support cron, or if you don’t have cPanel access. We will take care of that.


AUtomatic email sending feature is available in the Pro & Max