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How to mark email address as a spam OR How to prevent spam signups

To avoid sending emails to email addresses that are not monitored or which does not exist, Icegram Express MAX identifies such emails and marks their status as SPAM. Also, it will add a new field called Email Status which will tell you which type of email it is, is it a Webmail (like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook, etc) or Role Based (like support and similar email addresses). It also identifies emails that do not exist and can not receive your emails. The email status is checked by the plugin automatically and you need not do anything.

In Icegram Express, we have different statuses for the email ids (given below)

  1. Deliverable: This indicates that the email address is deliverable or not.
  2. Disposable: This indicates that email address is fake and created only for temporary reasons
  3. Webmail: This indicates that email used on webmail service provider like Gmail yahoo etc
  4. Role-based: Some email ids are used only for support and contact purpose this status indicate that like etc

So Icegram Express Max cleans your list and adds Email Status to your email ids. If the email id is not deliverable or disposable then it is marked as spam. so while sending email, Icegram Express plugin will make sure that it does not send emails to spam email ids.

Again, this email list clean-up is a monthly process for your already created list, but ongoing subscribers will also go through this process and the status for new subscribers will be changed accordingly.


Marking email address as a spam OR How to prevent spam signups feature is a part of Icegram Express PRO