Icegram Express Max – GDPR Commitment

Icegram Express Max is a premium version of the plugin-Icegram Express. This article explains Icegram Express MAX – GDPR Commitment.

Icegram Express Max uses following third party services:

Icegram API is used for following services:

  • CSS Inliner
  • Google Analytics link tracking

The PRO version uses these third party services to process the data for respective features and then sends it back to you. We at Icegram don’t store any of your data but the above-mentioned services might.

It also uses store connection which is used to verify your license, show you future plugin updates. Once your store is successfully connected, we only store information about which Icegram paid plugin(s) is installed on your site and their version number. All this, so we can show you future plugin updates for that plugin.