How to create a Post Digest

Post Digest is an email that is automatically generated by Email Subscribers which combines content from all posts into one single email and gets dispatched to the targeted list at the scheduled time during a specified interval. In simple words, these are notifications with a bunch of posts put together, usually once a week or as per your requirement.

The post digests are a great way to keep updated on the content subscribers subscribe without being inundated with multiple notifications.

To create a Digest,

  1. Login to your WordPress account
  2. Go to Email Subscribers > Campaigns
  3. Click Create Post Notification and check the option Is a post digest?
  4. Pick the list that you want to target and choose the Post Digest template you just created
  5. Select the post category and custom post types
  6. Choose the number of posts you want in each digest
  7. Specify when you want to schedule the notification, e.g., weekly on Sunday 9 AM

Voila! Your digest is created and subscribers will be receiving digest emails from now onwards 🙂

Please take a look at this article for directions on how to create or edit a new post digest template.


  • When you schedule a digest to send immediately by choosing the Immediately option, it generates and dispatches as soon as the CRON hits the server after the post digest creation. Also, the post digests scheduled this way doesn’t recur.
  • Campaigns (be it a Post Digest or Post Notification) get generated when the CRON triggers. So if you create the Post Digest at 6:43 New York time to generate it immediately, it can be sent anytime between 6:45 to 7:28 (as the CRON triggers at any time between that period).If the post digest is scheduled to 8 PM, it will be generated at 7 PM (as the system looks for the Post Digest before one hour from the scheduled time) and will be sent at anytime between, 8:03 PM to 8:30 PM (as the CRON triggers at any time between that period). Posts published before 7 PM will be added to the digest which means all posts published from 8 PM the previous day to 7 PM today.
  • The notifications should be generated for posts published using most editors, third party drag & drop builders and third-party aggregator plugins. However, we did find some plugins like WPUF conflicting with some of our features so please contact the plugin developer and report the same to us when you face any issues.
  • You can create a dedicated list specifically for Post Digest Notifications and display it in the Email Subscription Form just like you do for post notifications.


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