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How to customize Icegram's Engage Gallery Templates

Icegram's Engage Gallery tries to cover as many use cases as possible. However, we also acknowledge that there’s no size that fits all. So here's a detailed walkthrough on how you can personalize Icegram Engage Gallery Templates to fit your needs.

Customizing the background

Suppose you want to add your own image as a the background image in place of the default one. Follow these steps:

  • Go to the Custom Code section in the Campaign Editing panel.


  • Locate the class #ig_this_message

  • Search for the parameter 'background-image'

  • Replace the URL mentioned in there to the URL of the background image of your choice

  • Hit Save and Preview

Alternatively, you could also modify other parameters like;

  • Background-size.

  • Background-position.

  • Background-repeat.

Customizing the font

The next thing, you might want to change is the font of the Gallery item. Here’s how you should proceed:

  • Change the WP Editor mode from visual to text.

  • Identify the class applied to the text you want to modify.
    For example: The text mode looks something like this;
    Since 1987 - Trusted By Bike Enthusiasts All Over The World
    Become A Member Of
    The World's Elite Bike Gang

    Join the club

    And you want to change the font family for the class ig_sub_heading

  • Locate the class in the Custom CSS section

  • Change the parameters you wish to modify

  • Hit save and publish


If you wish to use any other font-family then kindly embed the Google font code within the Custom CSS.

How to get the Google Font code?

  • Go to Google fonts

  • Select the Font you like

  • Click on the + sign next to the font

  • Open the Family Selected tab

  • Copy paste the link (refer to the image) in a new tab


  • You will get the entire code


  • Copy paste this code in the Custom CSS section

Customizing the close button

You can also style the button in the Gallery items. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Custom CSS section

  • Locate the class #ig_this_message .ig_close
    If you have a close button image embed it in the background-image
    Also if you want to use the default ones, simply change the value of background-position: Xpx center

  • Save and publish the campaign