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How to duplicate an Icegram Engage campaign

Icegram Engage provides a super-simple way to completely duplicate your campaigns and create an exact replica as a draft.

To duplicate your Icegram Engage campaign, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Icegram Engage Dashboard, where you see all your campaigns listed.

Step 2: Hover over a campaign's name that you want to Duplicate.

Step 3: From the links that appear below on hovering, click on Duplicate.

Icegram Duplicate

On clicking Duplicate, Icegram will create a draft of your existing campaign and enter into the edit mode. You can make further changes and save as draft / publish it.


Any change made in the original/ duplicate campaign will be reflected in all the replicas. Thus, we highly recommend you to duplicate the messages by going directly in the Message Dashboard and then importing these message replicas in your campaigns.

Read how to duplicate messages here.