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How to Target Icegram Engage Messages On A Particular Category/ Keyword

Show Icegram Engage messages on a particular category

For example: Products/ blog

Step 1: Open the Campaign that you have already created or simply create a new one

Step 2: Go to the Display Rules >> Where

Step 3: Tick the checkbox that reads: Specific urls on this site

Step 4: Start filing in the url you wish to target the Icegram Engage messages on.
In our case we chose the blog category.
Thus, the url*



The wildcard * matches everything. So this wildcard URL will match all pages on the site that begin with or or

This is essentially matching all blog pages – like what we wanted.

Show Icegram Engage messages depending upon a keyword that appears in the URL

You can target Icegram Engage messages based on certain keywords that appear in the url. A few examples are given below:*keyword**/keyword/**/keyword/**another-keyword/

Eg. If you want to show your campaign on pages with "Icegram Engage" in their title – and hence the URL, it's very easy. You can display a testimonial of Icegram Engage on all pages that have "icegram" in their URL like this: Icegram Engage

This will work
on:,, – or anything else that has Icegram Engageanywhere in the URL.


The symbol * wildcard can appear anywhere in the URL (even more than once). So use something that suits your permalink structure and campaign goals. All the above examples are valid.