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How does Engagement Score work in the Icegram Express?

For any marketing campaign, the effectiveness of the subscriber’s engagement is the most important aspect. However, it is hard to determine how engaged the subscriber is. In the case of 10k subscribers, finding out which subscribers are active or chunking up would be extremely challenging.

Our feature, Engagement Score, gives you an overall evaluation of the level of engagement each email address has with the campaign, ranked from 1 to 5. You can see how everyone is doing. This information is collected based on subscribers’ responses to your emails during the last 12 months. The more subscribers respond (by opening or clicking), the bigger the engagement score.


This feature is available in the Max version of the plugin Get Icegram Express Max →

Importance of Score Engagement Feature or use case?


Using this information, we can send an appreciation campaign to your most engaged contacts, or re-engage contacts who haven’t clicked a link in a while.

Email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo measure user engagement with email parameters such as email open rates, clicks on links in emails, etc. These metrics build sender reputation. A bad reputation may lead to an email being delivered into the spam folder.

How to set up Score engagement in Icegram Express?

The subscription engagement score is automatically updated using the WordPress cron every night at midnight. All that needs to be done is to ensure that the WordPress cron is running properly.


Checking Engagement score feature is a part of Icegram Express Max