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How to Pause or Resume an ongoing campaign ?

Need to stop a campaign that’s already sending ?

Email marketing mistakes can have a substantial impact on brand image and hence, there is no turning back once you start sending an email to your audience. Considering this, sometimes there is a requirement where we need to control the sending process. For this, the plugin allows to pause and resume an ongoing campaign at any point in the process.

In Icegram Express, you can pause/resume sending out emails for an individual Campaign because of any reason such as a change in email content, email subject, change in attachments, broken link or image in an email, omissions and grammatical mistakes, change in dates of the webinar or a change in the content of the email, etc.

Steps to Pause/Resume campaign in Icegram Express


This feature is a part of Icegram Express Max

Step 1: Navigate to Icegram Express > Reports.

Step 2: Locate the campaign’s report which you want to pause/Resume.

Step 3: To pause/resume the campaign, click on the Pause icon/Resume Icon in the Status column. Once it is paused, no email will be sent until the Campaign is resumed again.