How to customize Icegram’s Gallery Templates

Icegram’s Gallery tries to cover as many use cases as possible. However, we also acknowledge that there’s no size that fits all. So here’s a detailed walkthrough on how you can personalize Icegram’s Gallery Templates to fit your needs.

Customizing the background

Suppose you want to add your own image as a the background image in place of the default one.Follow these steps:

    • Go to the Custom Code section in the Campaign Editing panel.
Custom CSS
  • Locate the class #ig_this_message
  • Search for the parameter ‘background-image’
  • Replace the URL mentioned in there to the URL of the background image of your choice
  • Hit Save and Preview

Alternatively, you could also modify other parameters like;

  • Background-size.
  • Background-position
  • Background-repeat

Customizing the font

The next thing, you might want to change is the font of the Gallery item.
Here’s how you should proceed:

  • Change the WP Editor mode from visual to text.
  • Identify the class applied to the text you want to modify.
    For example: The text mode looks something like this;

    Since 1987 – Trusted By Bike Enthusiasts All Over The World
    Become A Member Of
    The World’s Elite Bike Gang

    And you want to change the font family for the class ig_sub_heading

  • Locate the class in the Custom CSS section
  • Change the parameters you wish to modify
  • Hit save and publish

Note: If you wish to use any other font-family then kindly embed the Google font code within the Custom CSS.

How to get the Google Font code?

  • Go to Google fonts
  • Select the Font you like
  • Click on the + sign next to the font
  • Open the Family Selected tab
  • Copy paste the link (refer to the image) in a new tab

Google fonts

  • You will get the entire code

google font CSS

  • Copy paste this code in the Custom CSS section

Customizing the close button

You can also style the button in the Gallery items.
Here’s how:

  • Go to the Custom CSS section
  • Locate the class #ig_this_message .ig_close
    If you have a close button image embed it in the background-image URL
    Also if you want to use the default ones, simply change the value of background-position: Xpx center
  • Save and publish the campaign
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