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How to Show Icegram Engage Message or Campaign using Shortcode

Icegram Engage provides a nifty shortcode inside every of campaign/ message  through which, you can show the Icegram Engage message or campaign on any page you like.

All the pages or posts with shortcode will show that particular message / campaign.

Here's the exact step-by-step procedure to show Icegram Engage campaign using Shortcode:


The exact similar steps can be used to get the shortcode of a message.

Step 1: Edit a previously created campaign / create a new campaign. You will then enter to the campaign edit screen.

Step 2: Configure all the campaign options as required.

Step 3: Click and go “Display Rules” section, inside the "Where?" section, you'll find a shortcode box at the bottom saying "Additionally you can insert [ icegram campaigns="xx" ] wherever you want to run this campaign."

Step 4: Copy the [ icegram campaigns="xx" ] shortcode and paste it into any post or page where you want to display your current campaign.